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“I felt stuck in the situation with my body and that causes insecurity. When you see that it is possible to break out of that and see the amazing results from MUTU System, your confidence and body are restored!! It’s exciting and empowering. There also are so many moms who can testify to their results and be there for you!”

“Gave me the mojo I never had. And I’m defintely proof that the system works!”

“I believe MUTU is not just about bringing back the waist line. It does good to whole of your body! It also is a great way to achieve and maintain a healthy toned body. It’s about 1.Strength, 2.Confidence and 3.Waistline. And these come in sequence.  And one thing which I feel was the highlight of MUTU. I HAVE REALLY met my muscles! ( I never thought they existed) I have talked to them, have made them work for me, and I can SEE them clearly! 🙂

“I’d researched diastasis recti obsessively online. Bought Julie Tuplers stuff but she’s really boring and too clinical. Watched countless amateur YouTube videos and then I found Wendy. I believe in her program and I think she can claim its the only program to give us back our waistlines….and mojo! I love Wendy’s conversational tone and accessibility on Facebook, don’t know who else does that????”

“I thought your program was fantastic.  I loved how your  program seemed like you were talking directly to me.  I loved how the workouts were simple and easy to understand.  I loved how you told me to start eating healthy and how it made sense to me.  I loved how I could memorize the workouts and do them anywhere….such as outside or in the basement or even beside the bathtub while my kids were bathing:-)  I have told all of my friends about your program.  In the first few weeks I did notice a change in my diastasis.  It went from a 2.5 fingers to a 2… I did try the Tupler Technique before I purchased your program and I have to say this program is 100% better than the other program” Tina
“Dear Wendy, I just wanted to thank you for changing my life, and for giving me back the faith. I had been very depressed, very upset before I found your system online. When I first read the first few MUTU pages, your message, I was sobbing. I was reading about my hidden feelings, hidden fears, etc. Reading those pages started to give back the faith, that it is possible to change. 

I loved everything in MUTU. I got back my previous shape, previous weight , my confidence, my closet with my clothes. I still have a tiny belly that I would like to flatten more, but otherwise I am back to normal, my pants became even too big on me.

Thank you for being with me during these weeks! Love, Kata P.S.: I apologize because of my bad English” Kata

“The MUTU system is an inspired piece of fitness training: Wendy’s understanding of her clients (busy mums) shines through in every aspect. From her personable approach, to the breadth of her knowledge, you come away inspired, motivated, and supported to make changes to go forward. Not only did I loose weight and get fitter, but I have more energy, and a better posture (not to mention a flat stomach!). Brilliant – I’d recommend her, and the MUTU system to any mother who wants to improve their weight and fitness.” Jeanie, Certified Acupuncturist and Mum

“I’m finding the MUTU system really great – it’s not been too difficult to sort out my eating habits, and the whole family is now eating more healthily so thanks for that!  I have so far lost 8cm from round my tummy which was the real problem area – the rest of me isn’t too bad!!  Hubby has ben doing all the exercising with me and it’s been great to have someone to do it with and to chivvy me along! Thanks again – I will be recommending MUTU to all my Mummy friends!!!” Becky (just a few weeks in!)

“…thank you for being there for me and all women to set the record straight and teach us the right ways to safely exercise effectively pre and postnatal.” Mindy (after having received conflicting and confusing advice from various instructors)

“I love the way you put your videos together and make it fun. You write and talk like you are talking to your best girlfriend and encouraging and motivating her. So thanks again so much for what you do for women. I went through having two babies and no one in the medical community ever mentioned or ever talked about Diastasis Recti with me. I pretty much realized something was wrong and diagnosed myself and then had to dig to figure out what to do about it. All the doctors keep telling me is that the only way you can fix Diastasis Recti is with a tummy tuck.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for women out there like you that are talking about it and showing us ways to fix it without major surgery. It has given me hope that someday my stomach might at least resemble something of it’s former self before having kids. 🙂 And I have noticed a difference. My pants are much looser! Keep up your amazing work!!!!” Sarah

“I have loved the MUTU system – am a massive advocate and thank you so much for giving me back my confidence. And yes, I am even starting to feel a bit sexy too! I think your programme really really works – if you stick to it and have a real desire to change..I think anyone can get there. Thank you so much” Sally-Anne, first time mum

“GREAT!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much, wendy! I swear my abdominals HURT (never hurt with normal sit ups before!) MANY THANKS” Margherita

“I just want to say how GREAT the MUTU System has been.  I can’t believe how little specific advice there is available in gyms for pregnancy / postnatal exercise, so it was fantastic to get your expert advice on how to blast the mummy tummy away!” Sarah, mum of 2

“Thanks Wendy…went for a run this weekend and couldn’t believe how much fitter I am from doing those circuits a few times a week…they really do work!” Stephanie

“Why didn’t anyone tell me about all this stuff??  You should be available on the NHS for all mums!” Helen, mum of 3

“MUTU is perfect. It gave me exactly the information and exercises I need” Dearbhail, mum of 1

“It’s honest, it’s different and it’s holistic, and I can see that even if my tummy doesn’t completely disappear I will definitely be healthier and happier after 12 weeks!” Sam

“EEEwww that’s SO gross!” Charlie, mum of 3, on discovering the extent of her previously undiagnosed, and never corrected, diastasis recti.

“The exercises I learnt may not look like you’re doing much, but I ache all over today. I didn’t know those muscles existed! I can’t believe that this stuff has never been explained to me before” Kate, mum of 2

“Thank you for MUTU – I have been totally motivated and have stuck to a programme for the first time ever! – Wendy, you have achieved the impossible!” Emi, mum of 2

“I found your website while researching for my pre/postnatal yoga qualification, you are too good to keep quiet about! What you offer is so much more than just the physical sense, its a more holistic approach, indeed your website and blog bring a smile to my face and lift my spirits!” Tracy

“I love the MUTU System:  the tips, the inspiration and the feel-good factor – it’s all wonderful!” Stefania, mum of 2, (aged 16 and 10!)

“…No nonsense, useful advice on how to get that flat tummy back – do it, it’s great, and inspiring!” Sarah, mum of 2, age 9 and 5