Private coaching with Wendy Powell | MUTU System “I Work With and For Women Who Want To Feel Fabulous About Their Body After Having Children.”
Wendy Powell, Postpartum Fitness Expert, Founder + CEO, MUTU System Limited.

My MUTU System is downloaded and watched by women daily all over the world, as they are empowered to make their body look and feel better after having babies. One customer said, it’s ‘like having you there in the room with me, encouraging me, teaching me and motivating me’.

Well, with personal coaching I really am in the room with you! Just think how much Fabulousness we could muster for you if I worked just for you. On you.

Tailored one-to-one or small group coaching* with me, designed for you: your body, your life, tailored to your personal dreams, goals and challenges of rediscovering the body and the you which got mislaid while you were busy being Mom.

I have a proven record in coaching women to look and feel better, and my trademarked core restoration programs are internationally renowned and respected by specialist women’s physical therapists and industry experts.

I work with women to help them heal, restore and strengthen their physical self, but very importantly, also to help them re-connect with and strengthen the woman inside who wants to feel strong, vibrant, energetic, confident, sexy and proud. Women often lose their Mojo when they become Mom. My passion and my gift is to help you find yours, and MUTU System is already helping thousands of women around the world.

Sometimes you want the VIP treatment. Face to face.

Your private Masterclass with me can take place at your home or other agreed venue. Booking subject to expenses and schedules.

Price $2,500 USD for a private VIP session, plus expenses.
* Group coaching: please enquire with details of your requirements.

If you would like to enquire about private coaching, please email my team