Every year on my birthday I like to share a little MuTu Love and Gladness… and it’s my birthday, so the deal is LIVE NOW!!42% off on 6th July 2013!

 So if you’ve been thinking about going a bit MuTu… now’s your chance. Here’s how it works (please read this part, it’s important):
  • The offer goes live at 12.00 am 6th July my time (that’s British Summer Time) and will stay live until the West Coast USA (PST) finishes their 6th July 32 hours later… so you all get your 24 hour window!
  • It is valid on the digital versions only (no DVDs) of both the 12 Week Program and Focus. Please note, the 12 Week Program includes all of Focus, so if you’re not sure, go big!
  • The discount is not retro-active or transferable, even if you bought yesterday. Sorry. It’s not also not valid for the payment plan.

The coupon code is: birthday42
Go here to use it!

Remember: valid on Digital access programs only!

That’s all there is to it! When you buy you will enjoy the full benefits of the program, including 24 access to your stuff with no expiry dates, videos you can download and save, an invite to join the closed MuTu Mamas on Facebook community – an awesome group of over 800 women on the same journey as you, offering support, guidance and lots of laughs, as well of course as access to me and the lovely Team MuTu who are on hand to help you on your way.
Oh, and of course you’ll be on your way to body confidence, gorgeousness and rediscovered Mojo
Got questions about the programs? Check out our FAQ page – we’ve probably covered it!

Do join us. I think you’ll like it. And use the share links at the top of the post to share the MuTu Gladness with your friends!