Welcome to Week 8 of the MUTU System!

And so to your 3rd workout. You know the drill… it’s interval training, meaning short sharp, intensive bursts of exercise. The combinations of exercises in your 3 videos are designed to lift, firm, stretch  and strengthen you in all the places you need, well… lifting, firming, stretching and straightening. So make sure you mix them up a bit.

This circuit should be done at least twice through, and has some slightly more advanced moves which are progressions from ones you’ve learnt already.

MUTU New Mum… remember to keep everything LOW IMPACT, i.e. no jumping. And do the floor-based exercises from your knees, not your toes.

The circuit, for your reference:

  • 3 Stretch Salutations (as in the last workout) for dynamic stretching and warming up
  • Skipping 2 minutes
  • Gecko combined with T-Lift. 10 each side
  • Jogging with high knees 1 minute
  • Round the World: squats and lunges combined. Go round 3 times
  • Skipping 2 minutes
  • Deadlift x 10
  • Jogging with high knees 1 minute
  • Gecko with Push Up x10 (from knees or toes, or a combination of each)
  • Yoga breath sequence to finish

And so without further ado… let’s go!

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