Trusting and Helping Your Body to Heal Postpartum

  It’s a funny thing motherhood. Brilliant, beautiful and rewarding, BUT it can be challenging, lonely and disconnecting. It’s perhaps the biggest shift we experience as women. We go through puberty, which can be quite frankly terrifying (if we haven’t been given the guidance we need as a young girl), but we soon get into [...]

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To the Mom ‘Too Busy’ to Recover

  Dear the busy, exhausted and disheartened Mama, I know you’re at your wits end, only just keeping yourself and everyone else above water. Frantically paddling to keep afloat. You’re mentally and physically exhausted, and the idea of even thinking about what’s going on with your post-baby body, requires more brainpower than you can muster [...]

Stay Hydrated with These Top 5 Winter Infusions

I’m British, therefore it’s in my DNA to drink tea. But I like to switch out caffeinated hot drinks for a hot tea infusion. Oh I love coffee and sometimes it’s all that will do! But here’s my top 5 favourite winter infusions to help you to stay more hydrated in the colder months. See [...]

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Real Mom Elisa Shares Her Body Healing Story

Elisa Shares Her MUTU System Body Healing Story My Journey so far... After the birth of my third baby I was eager to start the process of losing the "baby weight". Since this was my third baby and second c-section, things were just feeling really bad and seeming very saggy. My back hurt and [...]

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A MUTU Mama’s Holiday Gift Wish List

You know those Christmas Days when you put on your best smile to thank Aunty Gladys for the hand-knitted sweater... and wish you’d been clearer on your letter to Santa? Now’s the time to be dropping some mega hint-bombs to family members wanting gift ideas that will make YOU happy. Leave your browser open on [...]

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Mommy Tummy Myths Busted

Do you ever feel lost in the fog of postpartum health and wellness advice? It's especially difficult when you come across confusing, counter-productive guidance! We decided to help clear the fog by busting a few common myths for you... Myth #1: You need to do intense ab exercises to get a flat tummy after pregnancy This [...]

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