My First Visit To a Pelvic Physical Therapist

A Blog by Team MUTU's Kay - Mama to Baby Henry. In the weeks after I gave birth I kinda knew something wasn’t quite right with my pelvic floor. Not just your average “I just pushed a watermelon sized human out of my vagina” feelings, no, it was something more than that and the symptoms [...]

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Postpartum Umbilical Hernia | When Your Body Just Can’t Take the Pressure

Postpartum Umbilical Hernia Umbilical hernia after pregnancy, or postpartum hernia, is related to the discussion on diastasis recti. As is Prolapse. Let me explain. And at the bottom of this post there are links to get the right help. Hernia, diastasis recti and prolapse are all caused by the same problem: Excessive intra-abdominal pressure, meaning too much pressure [...]

How To Do Kegels

Check out the pelvic floor exercises info-graphic we made for you here! If you only manage one pregnancy or postnatal exercise (and please do more!), then it has to be pelvic floor exercises. All pre/post exercise programs should include these - if yours doesn't - get a new one! Your pelvic floor muscles act as [...]