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Learn exactly how to connect with your pelvic floor in 6 minutes. No more worrying about “if you’re doing it right”. In this video Wendy talks you through how to master your pelvic floor, step by step.

MUTU System is a tried and tested exercise programme for mums, and is recommended by doctors.

00:00 Introduction

00:32 Building your foundations for exercise

01:02  How to connect with your pelvic floor and MUTU Core 1

04:01  MUTU System Core – The heel drop 

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An easy, at-home self test for Diastasis Recti or abdominal separation. How wide is it? How deep is it? Why does it matter?  

Use your fingers to check if you have a separation in your tummy. Your abs separating is known as diastasis recti, and you can close the gap with exercises, proven to work with real mums, in the MUTU System.

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Ready to turn up the intensity of your workout? Here’s an exclusive workout, featuring exercise moves from each of our MUTU Intensive sessions. 

These workouts are high-intensity, but no impact, meaning they work you hard, whilst keeping your pelvic floor and core safe with doctor-approved exercises.

These are tried and tested exercises proven to work for real mums after giving birth (even a very long time after giving birth!) and take only 12 minutes a day.

Follow along as our Mamas demonstrate every move in real-time, and Wendy talks you through each exercise that lasts 60 seconds, then four stretches at the end to cool down.

00:00 Introduction

00:11   Warm up 

02:28  Workout!

08:20  Stretches

More About MUTU

MUTU System is evidence-based and medically recommended globally, by Doctors, surgeons, midwives and pelvic health physical therapists/physiotherapists. With endorsements from industry professionals and clinical data from extensive studies involving over 900 women, the program’s credibility is unrivalled.

Proven clinical benefits, including reduced surgery risk, symptom improvement, and enhanced mental well-being, add still more reassurance that you’re in the right place.

Results speak volumes! With a reported 94% improvement in women with diastasis recti, and a 96% improvement for those with bladder leaks, coupled with a vast user base of over 100,000 women worldwide, the success stories inspire trust and confidence.

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