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The Ultimate Mum’s Guide to Postpartum Back Pain

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If you’ve ever dealt with back pain, you’ll know just how miserable it can be 👎🏾

Postpartum back pain is one of the top reasons that mums seek out the MUTU System programme in the first place.

64% of mums that we surveyed said that dealing with postpartum back pain had a huge impact on their life since having babies.

Why are mums just dealing with what is usually unnecessary and totally avoidable back pain? It can stop you from doing the things you love, and it inhibits your ability to live life the way you really want to.

We’ve got some top tips to help you banish this pesky postpartum back pain once and for all! These tips will help you to learn how you can live pain-free.

This article will teach you:

  1. The reasons you may be experiencing postpartum back pain. A weak core and body alignment are usually contributing factors. Luckily both of these things are fixable and we’ll teach you how.
  2. How and why your core is affecting your back.
  3. We’ll point you to the resources you need to learn simple techniques you can do from the comfort of home. You need specific core exercises designed for mums, to strengthen your whole core so your back muscles stop taking over the bulk of the work. We’ll show your back muscles how to take a break.

Why Do Mums Get Postpartum Back Pain?

👎🏾 When you pick up your child, your back kills!

👎🏾 When you turn in an awkward way, your back kills!

👎🏾 When you sit at work all day, your back kills!

👎🏾 Breastfeeding your baby, your back kills!

Any of the above relatable to you?

When we’re pregnant, as we progress through trimesters, we are lugging around an ever-increasing load, then baby arrives and we end up lugging that small human around as they get bigger and heavier. We contort our bodies into weird positions just to avoid waking them from that precious power nap. Pregnancy and parenting involve carrying a lot of weights, often in the same repetitive or prolonged positions.

Pregnancy isn’t to blame for poor alignment or posture, but our alignment habits will be exaggerated by the extra load of pregnancy and that in turn causes the pain.

Within the MUTU System programme, we teach you all about body alignment and guide you through the adjustments you can make each day. We’ll help you to stack your body in a position that means it can work right. This is a win-win situation because good alignment means better pelvic health AND less back pain.

If I have a Strong Core Will I Get Less Back Pain?

Your core is made up of so much more than just your abs. It’s your lower back, pelvic floor, all of the deep abdominal muscles as well as the hips and glutes. It’s the entire central system of muscles that keeps us stabilised.

So when a part of this vital system is compromised, if it’s not functioning as it should, or as strong as it needs to be, then another body part takes the strain… I’m looking at you, Lower Back… 🙄

If you know you have weak abdominal muscles, if you’re experiencing diastasis recti or you have weak connective tissue at the front of your abs, that’s one part that isn’t stabilized as well as it needs to, so the lower back will take the strain and you will experience pain.

If your child needs picking up and your deep core muscles and glutes aren’t firing properly, your body will default to the lower back taking the strain.

You get the idea. If you’re doing all the mum things, grabbing an escapee toddler, bending over, pushing a pram or lugging that bike home (they promised to ride all the way but didn’t), and your core isn’t flexible, strong or engaging right your lower back will take the strain.

So yeah, in answer to your question, back pain and core are very much related.

How can you Ease Postpartum Back Pain?

You need to go here to read the next section of this blog series where we’ll talk you through the exercises to relieve back pain and what you can do to ease the pain.

Looking to take a leap to reduce your pain now with an NHS Apps Library Approved programme designed for mums dealing with back pain and clinically proven to reduce symptoms. Sign up now with instant access to the MUTU System Programme.

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