MUTU Founder and CEO Wendy Powell

Perinatal Pelvic Health Specialist

Maternal Health Pioneer and Activist

Femtech Founder, Speaker and CEO

“When someone comes along to help us through a part of our life that we didn’t know we would ever even share out loud. Wendy is that person.”


Lisa Nichols, Motivating the Masses

Wendy Powell is a globally recognized voice and leader in maternal physical and mental health recovery.

International Women's day featured speaker

Founder and CEO of leading global medically recommended digital health tech platform MUTU® System, Wendy Powell is the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) Fellow behind the best-selling online programme for mothers, trusted by over 100,000 women worldwide.

Wendy is a globally recognised leader in pregnancy and postpartum recovery, empowering women to move through their motherhood journey with confidence. She inspires with her personal story and the reasons for creating MUTU. Wendy is an expert in pregnancy and postnatal exercise, function and recovery, as well as mental health strategies that build dignity and self-esteem.

Working with the NHS and experts in the women’s pelvic health, Wendy and MUTU are known and recommended by Doctors, Midwives, Specialist Women’s Health Physical Therapists and Surgeons around the world.

Wendy is on the Women’s Development Board of charity Microloan Foundation, working to improve education, opportunities, and empowerment for mothers.


Susannah Morgan

“Wendy is truly an expert in maternal health, a respected and inspiring leader who is highly relate-able as a speaker. She is a powerful and empowering entrepreneur who leads a committed and passionate team. ”

Ali Brown, Founder of The Trust private network for $1M+ Women Entrepreneurs. Coach, Mentor, Host of Podcast Glambition®, Angel Investor, Leadership Speaker

“Wendy is a natural inspiration. Fiercely focused on doing the right thing by women and fighting for better post-natal health advice, she has the business acumen to lead and develop one of the most ethical and supportive women’s health brands out there. Whether you hear her speak, become a MUTU client, or your business crosses paths with her, you’ll feel better because of it.”

Susannah Morgan, Deputy Managing Director at Energy PR

“Wendy’s enthusiasm, empathy and experience make her a highly effective and engaging speaker that audiences relate and react to.”

David Bone, UK Government advisor & international business strategist


“Wendy’s session was a full and frank conversation about what mothers go through, and how I can better support them as a manager.”

Sally Robinson, Chair, ULHT Women’s Network UL Hospitals NHS  Trust.

Wendy speaks on:

The Truth About a Mother’s Body

What’s ‘normal’ after having children? What’s supposed to be different, what can we change and how can we feel better about how we look, feel and function? Strategies, techniques and revelations to build strength and confidence right away. 

‘Pro Voice’. Why We Need To Expand The Conversation

What women having choices and voices really looks like. Why inclusivity and equality matters for maternal care and outcomes. 

Hiring and Inspiring

Wendy has built a passionate and committed team and brand. Inspiring a passionate drive for productivity and business success, with respect for people’s time, motivations and priorities. Strategies to build a team that really, really cares.

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‘Everyone deserves the pleasure and dignity of a body that works and that makes her feel good.’

For speaking, press and interview enquiries:

Please note Wendy’s position regarding interviews, collaborations and representation: “Diversity and inclusivity must be intentional and conscious. I will only consider invitations to online, live events or podcasts that share this commitment.”

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