Animal Gelatin, Rebuilding Postpartum Collagen, Diastasis Recti… + Vegetarians

HEALING DIASTASIS RECTI + PELVIC FLOOR AFTER CHILDBIRTH WITH NUTRITION Requires adjustments to alignment and load bearing, entire core musculature reconnection and strengthening, great nutrition, hydration... and rebuilding collagen. Collagen is the stuff that binds together at the front of your abdomen, where all the abdominal muscles meet (or not in the case of a diastasis!). If the collagen … [Read more...]

Why MuTu System Recommends Thinking Slimmer

SOME STUFF JUST WORKS Like I tell you how getting more sleep, walking every day and eating the right food makes you look and feel better. It works. Clinically proven solution Thinking Slimmer is one of things. Many many women have a relationship with food and dieting that doesn't nourish their body or their soul. More than a decade of personal training and coaching experience has shown me … [Read more...]

Diets, Deprivation, Weight Loss + Self Righteous Health Experts

Perfectly reasonable, do-able and enjoyable though I might believe the MuTu-Lifestyle to be, occasionally my health and wellness self-righteousness is very rightly challenged by an exasperated and perfectly normal woman throwing her hands up in the air... "REALLY? No wine? No crisps? No high heels? What are you trying to DO to me?'. My advice extolling the virtues of juicing kale and lifting … [Read more...]

Lose your bulge, not your curves | The truth about the fat around your middle

If you’ve gained some weight since pregnancy and motherhood, you want to lose fat… but in the right places! You don’t want your weight loss to show as a gaunt face, or a flat chest, but you do want to ditch the jelly belly. Don't know about you, but I don't want skinny - I want strong and fit! Well, I have a little good news on this front. There are reasons your body is storing disproportionate … [Read more...]

Sugar Addiction + Healthy Alternatives

If you love sweet food and joke about being ‘addicted’ to sugar, you’re actually not wrong. Sugar addiction is a real problem, with many of us consuming lots of obvious sugar (in cakes, biscuits, sweets and desserts) and plenty of hidden sugar too (in things like fruit juice, sauces, pickles, canned beans and cheese spread). Slowly but surely, sugar has crept into a huge number of processed … [Read more...]

Are You Eating a Balanced Diet + What Does It Mean?

Most of us think we know what makes a balanced diet and tend to believe our food choices pretty much qualify. But do they? It’s a worthwhile exercise every once in a while to jot down exactly what you’re consuming over a few days – and pick yourself up on any bad habits that may have crept in. And I would even suggest clarifying what a balanced diet really means. The 'textbook' … [Read more...]

How To Go – A Little Bit – Paleo (or: Paleo for Mums Part 2)

A few days ago I wrote my version of a Mums' Guide to Paleo Part 1: To sum up: Some bits I like - less or zero sugar, fewer carbs on your plate and more veggies; good protein, lots of nuts and lots of good fats. Some bits I don't like so much: I don't believe all carbs are the same and I don't believe they're all evil. I also don't think processed meats like deli meats, bacon and sausages are … [Read more...]

Paleo Eating | What’s THAT All About? Part 1

OK so the subject is HUGE but I'm just going to start and see where we go with this. I know many of you are a bit curious, a bit confused, a bit: 'Is it a fad?', a bit: 'No PASTA? ? I have kids to feed, Lady. Get real'. So here goes. Paleo Eating, Primal Eating, the Cavewoman Diet - eating like our ancestors did before there were supermarkets and fridges and takeouts and wine... (There was a … [Read more...]

Are Hormones + Lack of Sleep Making You Fat? | 6 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat Storage

Eat less, move more, and you'll lose your baby weight. It's a pretty simple principle, but it's missing something. 'Calories in, calories out' are not the only factor in determining fat loss, especially fat loss from around your waistline. Your hormones, your stress levels and how much sleep you're getting are contributing to the fat around your belly too. Here's 6 ways to balance yours! I posted … [Read more...]

How To Lose Weight | Eat More Fat, Less Sugar + Avoid Diet Drinks

Fat doesn’t make you fat.  Sugar, stress, processed food, not enough good fats and sitting on your backside do. Of course an excess of any calories will eventually make you fat, but too much sugar really is much worse for your body and your looks than too much fat! You Need Fats. Good Ones. For years we were fed the ‘low fat’ mantra of losing weight – there was something so simple about it: fat … [Read more...]