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*UPDATE 20TH FEB 2014 | THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES* THOUSANDS of women are experiencing lasting, effortless weight loss with a Slimpod. And thousands are discovering a strong core, a flatter tummy + all-over tone + fitness with MuTu System. When both are used together – Slimpod + MuTu – your Mummy Mojo is unstoppable! MuTu System has joined up with Sandra Roycroft-Davis, … [Read more...]

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Diets, Deprivation, Weight Loss + Self Righteous Health Experts

Green Smoothie | MuTu System

Perfectly reasonable, do-able + enjoyable though I might believe the MuTu-Lifestyle to be, occasionally my health + wellness self-righteousness is very rightly challenged by an exasperated + perfectly normal woman throwing her hands up in the air... "REALLY? No wine? No crisps? No high heels? What are you trying to DO to me?'. My advice extolling the virtues of juicing kale + lifting … [Read more...]

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Thinking Slimmer Founder, Sandra Roycroft-Davis | Guest Speaker at MuTuVation 2013

Sandra Roycroft-Davis, founder of Thinking Slimmer | Guest speaker at MuTuVation 2013 | MuTu System

This woman can set you free from obsessing about food, diets + calories... for good. And she's going to share insights into the technique + show just how easily we can change our habits at MuTuVation 2013! Its not like we don't know that our food choices are fundamental to how much extra fat we carry. But sometimes being told to 'eat smaller portions', 'choose healthier food', 'don't comfort eat … [Read more...]

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Lose your bulge, not your curves | The truth about the fat around your middle

keep your curves | MuTu System

If you’ve gained some weight since pregnancy + motherhood, you want to lose fat… but in the right places! You don’t want your weight loss to show as a gaunt face, or a flat chest, but you do want to ditch the jelly belly. Don't know about you, but I don't want skinny - I want strong and fit! Well, I have a little good news on this front. There are reasons your body is storing disproportionate … [Read more...]

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MuTu System Recommends Thinking Slimmer – Here’s Why

Thinking Slimmer Partner | MuTu System

Some stuff just works. Like I tell you how as a starting point, getting more sleep, walking every day + eating the right food makes you look + feel better. It works.Thinking Slimmer is one of things. Sadly, many many women have a relationship with food + dieting that doesn't nourish their body or their soul. More than a decade of personal training + coaching experience has shown me that … [Read more...]

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MuTu Mama Features in Magazine Real Life Story

MuTu System in Pick Me Up magazine 1

London MuTu Mum Jay tells her inspiring story in UK magazine - she's our Hero! See more Mutu System press coverage here … [Read more...]

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Nutritional Food for Women: 12 Tips For You!

Healthy Mutu Food

Nutritional food for women may be different from what’s best for men – + to confuse matters further, it changes as your body changes, as the demands on it vary, + as you get older. But there are some principles which will always apply! When we talk about healthy eating, what we should really be considering is ‘optimal nutrition’. Our food + drink has to do more than prevent deficiencies… it has a … [Read more...]

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Cinnamon, the Spice of Healthy Life!

Cinnamon for health | MuTu System

Do you cook with spice? It doesn't have to be the hot stuff – paprika, cumin + coriander – but the subtler ones, like cinnamon, nutmeg + ginger. Many people don’t regularly add spice to their food, missing out on its wonderful warmth and flavour. For me, spice is a must-have in my diet – + great if you're trying to acclimatize your palate to less salt and sugar… a touch of spice is a great … [Read more...]

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Sugar Addiction + Healthy Alternatives

stevia | buy in MuTu System store

If you love sweet food + joke about being ‘addicted’ to sugar, you’re actually not wrong. Sugar addiction is a real problem, with many of us consuming lots of obvious sugar (in cakes, biscuits, sweets + desserts) and plenty of hidden sugar too (in things like fruit juice, sauces, pickles, canned beans + cheese spread). Slowly but surely, sugar has crept into a huge number of processed foods … [Read more...]

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Are You Eating a Balanced Diet + What Does It Mean?

MuTu Food | MuTu System

Most of us think we know what makes a balanced diet + tend to believe our food choices pretty much qualify. But do they? It’s a worthwhile exercise every once in a while to jot down exactly what you’re consuming over a few days – + pick yourself up on any bad habits that may have crept in. And I would even suggest clarifying what a balanced diet really means. The 'textbook' definition The … [Read more...]

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