Become a MUTU Affiliate

Become a MUTU Affiliate and earn commissions with the leading medically recommended postpartum digital platform.

MUTU empowers women to move through motherhood with confidence. We are the leaders in transformative pregnancy and postnatal care, medically proven to prepare, restore and lift women to thrive.

Our medically recommended digital postpartum program is viewed and downloaded worldwide by tens of thousands of moms, and while many of our customers find us on their own, we highly value those referred to us by people like you.

Our Affiliate program rewards those who refer others to our website. It’s our way of saying ‘Thank you’ for sharing your recommendation to other moms, to your followers, patients, customers, clients, communities, friends or family.

We’ll pay you a commission for every program sale purchased from our website through your unique affiliate link. There is no cost to join –and you can begin promoting our program right away.

Our program is handled via leading Affiliate Platform, Shareasale.

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Who can be a MUTU Affiliate?

Our Affiliates range from individuals and small brands to large corporations, charities and healthcare providers. 

Anyone can become a MUTU System Affiliate, as long as they only use ethical marketing methods to promote our services. You don’t need a large email list to be successful and can earn commissions by simply using social media, simple web pages and blogs. 

Affiliates are not permitted to promote our programs via unsolicited email marketing or spam. You may not promote our programs via sites or use marketing methods that contain offensive content, at our discretion.

Fast Facts about the MUTU Affiliate program

  • You earn 20% commission on every sale of the MUTU System digital program purchased from our website through your affiliate link
  • Kitbags are not included in the affiliate program
  • Unlimited earning potential (no caps)
  • Fast and reliable monthly payments, real-time, accurate sales tracking
  • You receive your commission payment 60 days after the purchase takes place, via the method of payment selected at sign-up

How do I make money?

Affiliates have access to an extensive choice of professionally designed badges and banners to easily add to your email newsletter, blog or website.

Pasting a banner onto your blog might result in few click-throughs, but we offer a lot more support to help you increase your click rates and earning potential:

  • Suggested text to use when discussing MUTU System: key selling points, easy signposting to information as well as sample text to make sure you’re ticking all the legal boxes regarding disclosure as an affiliate.
  • Email newsletter text and images to copy and paste to send to your list.
  • Easy ‘copy and paste’ social media updates directing customers via your affiliate links

You’re likely telling everyone about MUTU System anyway. Why not be rewarded?