We see you, Mama. We’re here to help you feel good.

What is MUTU?

MUTU is an evidence-based, medically proven program that helps women just like you to:
Feel more confident in their mind and body
Have less back pain to regain freedom of movement

End painful sex so they can enjoy pleasure again

Take back control of their bladder to avoid unexpected leaks

Strengthen pelvic muscles to prevent prolapse

Treat diastasis recti to close the gap in their belly muscles

How do I access MUTU?

There is no need to download anything; you simply log in with your phone, laptop or tablet to access exercise videos, a supportive community, and curated content for mums overseen by healthcare experts.

MUTU is for every mom

We welcome moms from all walks of life and at every stage of their motherhood journey, including pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

It’s never too late to start, no matter how long ago you had your baby.

Get your questions answered and speak to real mums in the Mamas Connect forum, a supportive community of mums also on their MUTU journey.

Your personal MUTU journey

Because every mom is beautiful and unique, the MUTU journey is designed to fit around you so you can achieve your goals starting at just 12 minutes per day.
Are you ready to take your first step on your MUTU Journey?

Why choose MUTU?

Over 100,000 mamas trust us

Since 2009, our tried and tested program has helped over 100,000 beautiful mamas like you regain confidence in their mind and body, so you can enjoy life, pain and shame free.

Trusted experts recommend us

Our program is evidence-based, and experts in obstetrics and gynaecology, consultants, and physiotherapists recommend MUTU to their patients to help correct:

They all trust us to help correct:

It’s all about YOU

We listen to you and every single mum in our community to make sure you have the support you need when you need it.

Your progress on your MUTU journey will be just as unique as you, and we’ll encourage you every step of the way.

What our mamas say

“Not only did I recover from pregnancy/delivery, lose weight, and improve fitness, but I also developed a new set of functional movement skills, mindset habits that encourage a joyful life, and eating practices that nourish and heal my body.

Every mama should get MUTU, no matter your age. It’s worth it!!”

Claire Kirsch

The original MUTU mama, Wendy Powell, created MUTU in 2009 and built a team of experts to make MUTU safe for all.

MUTU Medical Ambassadors

Our Medical Ambassadors include doctors, consultants and pelvic health specialists with decades of experience. They collaborate on our program, provide expert approval of content, and help ensure MUTU remains evidence-based, effective and compliant for your safety.

Our Team at MUTU

Our global team have created MUTU just for you and are here to answer your questions, manage the MUTU Connect community and help you, whilst keeping everything running smoothly. You can read more about our work culture, and diversity and inclusion at MUTU here.

Wendy Powell

Founder and CEO

Christiana Young

Marketing and Communications

Melodie Moore

Technology Lead

Hadeel Jarad

Social Media

Eve Packwood


Benjamin Hulme

NHS Partnerships

Virginia Chachati

Medical Copywriting

Chioma Eve


Emily Flynn


Matt Bethell

Content and SEO

Liz Pereslavtseva

Video and Social

Amy Linturn


Amy Wood


Louise O’Kane, Lulacreates


Jessie Lipscomb, Momma Lips Draws

Illustration and original artwork

More about MUTU

MUTU’s health tech innovation has undergone extensive due diligence to win a Fellowship with the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) program.

MUTU has secured investment from StartUp Health on a mission to solve the biggest health challenges of our time.

Wendy Powell, MUTU Founder and CEO, is an Alumni and Mentor for Femtech Lab, who support and invest in women’s health and wellness.

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MUTU trials and evidence

As an evidence-based program, at MUTU we want to support as many mums as possible with the best possible care. We take part in trials run by medical experts and health organisations to gather real-world evidence to continuously improve and build our program to the highest standards.

MUTU partners

We partner with brands that will help our community of mums feel good and support them with their health. These include

MUTU news and press

Want to stay up to date with everything at MUTU? Check out our MUTU news page or take a look at recent MUTU press releases.

Contact us

To get in touch with us at MUTU, please send us a message through our contact page. Our team is happy to answer your questions.