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MuTu System 12 Week Program

Our Mothership MuTu System 12 Week Program combines tummy flattening, core strengthening, pelvic floor restoring expertise, as well as an eating plan + safe, low impact, intensive workouts to help you tone, shape, drop fat + lose weight.

This is the ultimate coaching package of food guidance + safe fat burning workouts as well as total core + pelvic floor restoration + strengthening. The 12 Week Program is the most holistic + beneficial program suitable for most Mamas!

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BESTSELLING 12 Week online Program | NEW + UPDATED FOR 2014


MuTu Focus Program

MuTu Focus Is only the parts of the 12 Week Program that deal purely with restoring core + pelvic floor function, narrowing a diastasis recti + strengthening the muscles of your tummy by training your core + adjusting your alignment. It is NOT a weight loss program. There’s no nutritional advice + you won’t break a sweat. It’s gentle, but very, very effective.

If you want to avoid all the intensive workouts as a preference or due to medical issues, + / or you don’t want intensive workouts or fat loss, this is the program for you.

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Focus online Programe | NEW + UPDATED FOR 2014


All of MuTu Focus is INCLUDED within the 12 Week program, you don’t need both… Both programs are suitable for c-section or natural delivery recovery, for breast-feeding / nursing moms + regardless of how long ago you had your baby… Both programs are also suitable during low risk, healthy pregnancy.

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