Which MuTu System Program Is Right For You?



Our bestselling MuTu System 12 Week Program combines tummy flattening, core strengthening, pelvic floor restoring expertise, as well as an eating plan and low impact but high intensive workouts to help you tone, shape, drop fat and lose weight. This program also coaches you how to use your core correctly as you work out, not only for the Intensive workouts provided, but in your chosen activities or sports outside of MuTu.

If you want the ultimate coaching package of food guidance and safe fat burning, body shaping workouts as well as total core and pelvic floor restoration and strengthening… this is the one for you.

It is the most holistic and beneficial program suitable for most Mamas. The MuTu System 12 Week Program is also available on DVD.



MuTu Focus is our alternative program option designed especially for women who want to avoid all intensive exercise, whether out of personal preference or for medical or other reasons. MuTu Focus is just the parts of the main program that deal purely with restoring core and pelvic floor function, narrowing a diastasis recti through alignment adjustments and gentle reconnection and strengthening of the core muscles. You won’t break a sweat and it won’t directly help you lose weight, but it is gentle, safe and effective.

If you want to avoid all intensive workouts, and definitely don’t require food advice or a fat loss program, this is the program for you. Please note that Focus is only available for online access and download, not on DVD.

Just a note, but don’t assume that if you already do other workouts, you’ve ‘got that covered’ and you only need Focus! If you intend to do any intensive exercise at all, go for the main program as it teaches you how to look after your core while you’re exercising.


All of MuTu Focus is included within the 12 Week Program, you don’t need both.

Both programs are suitable post- c-section or natural delivery recovery, for breast-feeding / nursing moms and regardless of how long ago you had your baby.

Both programs are suitable during a low risk, healthy pregnancy, where exercise has been approved by your Doctor.


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