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A Message From The ‘Skinny’ New Mom…

I’ve always been the petite girl. Even in school, I’d have insults hurled at me in gym class from girls my own age and I’d dread getting my ‘sparrow like’ legs out and into gym [...]

On ‘Bouncing Back’ After Having Babies

I don't buy the whole “bouncing back” after birth thing. “Bouncing back” gives the message that your body now, after all the incredible stuff it’s done (which is pretty darn mind-blowing, don’t ya think?), isn’t [...]

Building Bridges With Your Postpartum Body

It takes steel-like self-esteem to be totally cool with your post pregnancy body. There’s a HUGE adjustment and upheaval in the months after giving birth that NO ONE prepares you for. Every inch of you [...]

There’s Never TMI When Dishing on Postpartum Health…

We have a habit (especially us Brits) of censoring everything we say for fear of grossing others out. From an early age, names of body parts are replaced with alternative ‘polite-society-friendly’ words. We just don’t [...]

My Postpartum Healing Journey with a MuTu Pro

We couldn’t wait to share MuTu Mama Vicki’s story with you. Vicki has been working closely with MuTu Pro Ashley Gammon (BeYoutiful Within) and after baby number six is kissing goodbye to panty liners, back [...]

Why Do I Still Look 6 Months Pregnant?

You and I both know it’s NEVER okay to ask a woman if she’s pregnant.  Under no circumstances, even if you’re struggling for small talk, comment on the weather if you have to, just don’t [...]

Training Guide For New Moms

You’ve spent months growing and carrying a baby round and now you’re ready to get back to your badass self again! You want to feel fit, healthy and sexy again. That’s AWESOME and I am [...]

Alignment 101 [VIDEO BLOG]

OK, I get it. Alignment can feel like a bit of a minefield and there tends to be a lot of overwhelm… Up until now, you’d never noticed or seen the connection between your pelvic [...]

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