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“Actually, people say he’s gorgeous”

A beautiful post by Mama and MUTU Pro Rebecca Wright. It's May 2016. I get a call from the Health Visitor out of the blue, asking to meet us. She's a new one (to us). [...]

Lydia’s MUTU System Story

We love it when you share your post-baby body healing stories with us and we’re so delighted to share this latest one from mum of two, Lydia. Lydia is mama to her 3 year old [...]

MUTU Just Got Personal – Introducing MUTU Life

MUTU just got personal Introducing the BRAND NEW in-program upgrade from the MUTU System. MUTU Life is the ultimate personalized postpartum recovery and body confidence lifestyle package, that helps you to achieve your post-baby health [...]

My First Visit To a Pelvic Physical Therapist

A Blog by Team MUTU's Kay - Mama to Baby Henry. In the weeks after I gave birth I kinda knew something wasn’t quite right with my pelvic floor. Not just your average “I just [...]

A Brand New MUTU System!

We’ve taken all the best elements from the original program and magnified its awesomeness by a million, to produce the ultimate postpartum program for busy moms wanting to achieve all of the above but not knowing where to turn after months of searching for solutions.

MUTU Manifesto for 2018!

It’s that time of year again, the last month of 2017 has rolled round quicker than you can say turkey stuffing, and we’re frantically thinking up some kind of promise to ourselves we generally can’t [...]

Lucy’s MUTU Story – A Post-Baby Body Healing Journey

“I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful affirming programme! I had a really traumatic birth and emergency caesarean and was struggling with the aftermath, both emotionally and physically. MUTU gave me back my confidence [...]

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