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Enough with the H-Word

There’s this word I really need you to stop saying. Because it’s stopping you from being a stronger, healthier and kick-assier you. You may mutter it under your breath as you look in the mirror, [...]

8 Rules for Safer Exercise After Kids

  I remember speaking to a personal trainer friend ‘before babies’ about our postpartum exercise routine and how after a few weeks rest we’d be back at it in no time… Oh sweet, naive me… [...]

The Only New Years Resolution Moms Should Keep

Do you ever feel like you get to end of the year and pluck a last minute resolution out of thin air, just because you feel you should? But you know where that’s headed. These [...]

Slow the heck down! Fitness after having a baby…

  My inbox is constantly pinging with questions about postpartum fitness and recovery on a daily basis. One of the more common queries I get is. How soon can I get back to (fill in [...]

Stay Hydrated with These Top 5 Winter Infusions

I’m British, therefore it’s in my DNA to drink tea. But I like to switch out caffeinated hot drinks for a hot tea infusion. Oh I love coffee and sometimes it’s all that will do! [...]

Real Mom Elisa Shares Her Body Healing Story

My Journey so far... After the birth of my third baby I was eager to start the process of losing the "baby weight". Since this was my third baby and second c-section, things were just [...]

A MuTu Mama’s Holiday Gift Wish List

You know those Christmas Days when you put on your best smile to thank Aunty Gladys for the hand-knitted sweater... and wish you’d been clearer on your letter to Santa? Now’s the time to be [...]

Food Swaps to Speed Up Your Postpartum Recovery

MuTu Food is about mindful eating - knowing what's in your food so your life is kept as simple as possible and mealtimes are free of calorie counting and portion control! I have a question [...]

4 Ways to Make Today Count After Falling Off the Horse.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve ‘fallen off the horse’ in one way or another. I have strong feelings about picking myself up and dusting myself off and minimising the wallowing as much as [...]