I blogged before about boot-camp for mums with my lowdown on the suitability and safety of boot-camp or military workout classes for mums, new and not so new. I won’t get into pros and cons here again, but I am curious as to whether you like them!

When looking for a personal trainer or postnatal workout class that specialises in ‘getting your body back’, these type of workouts are increasingly  popular. There are women all over the country, paying to be yelled at in their local park.  Many are motivated by the competitive element, the adrenaline of the class and the sheer intensity of the workout. I get that, kinda… but do we really want to be yelled at?

I’m asking, seriously.  I’m not sure I do, but that could be just because I’m a a bit soft, or getting old ;) MUTU includes seriously effective workouts that will make you sweat and burn calories fast, and your muscles will feel it the next day. But to cool music (well, I think so, but as I said, I’m positively middle aged…) and without yelling at you.

I’m also a big fan of the ‘yoga bit’. Sometimes the ironing can wait. Mums need a little nurturing too you know. I’m currently weaving it into my new online programme (going live mid October – sign up for updates up there at the top of this page and you’ll be one of the first to know about it!).

But I digress. So the boot-camp for mums thing. What’s your take? Do you thrive on a outdoor  military classes? Love a bit of competition and camaraderie? Get a buzz out of the atmosphere? Does the shouting motivate you and relieve stress…

Or does it make you feel more stressed or under pressure? Does a day at work and/or with the kids mean you’d prefer someone to be a little bit ‘nicer’? ? I’d love to know what you think.