We were recently thrilled to be asked to write a guest blog post for Brave Crate.

Brave Crate is a monthly subscription box for military spouses who want to make the most of every moment while their service member is deployed.
Each box has a theme and is packed with tips and tricks from other military spouses, a calendar to track your countdown, products that help you set goals, focus on wellness and support in your marriage, and a challenge card to help you work towards a purpose during deployment.

Could this muscle group improve your sex life?

My mission is quite simple. Making sure that all women have a body that works right! I enjoy empowering you with these resources so that you can always be in complete control of your body and feel good in it too! Please believe me when I say that this piece of the puzzle cannot be skipped! Building that strong foundation first is a must and before you move on to ANYTHING else you must first have a body that functions. The function first and the rest can wait! You will get much further this way, I promise!

Everyone talks about working out such as; what exercises to do to get killer abs, a nice booty, and what the best exercises are to focus on toning your arms and legs. Why doesn’t anyone talk about exercise to have a killer orgasm and a great sex life? We talk about all of the other muscles of the body, yet not often does anyone mention the pelvic floor.

When is the last time you went to a group class and the instructor said: “ok now everyone together – engage that pelvic floor.”
Now I want you to dig really deep on this next breath and try and find your transverse abdominis muscle.
No? No one? Really! Well then, you have never taken a class with me. Why in the world are we not talking about these powerhouse muscles of our core system and getting to know them well?

We hear over and over again “engage your core, engage your core.” What does that even mean and why is it so important? I’ll make sure you know by the end of this! Being in tune with your core as a system can be beneficial in many ways and it can enhance your sex life too!

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