Core training isn’t just about sculpting 6-pack abs.

Effective core training helps stabilise muscles, bones, joints and internal organs of your entire mid-section.

It’s essential to keep your body in prime working order – strong, stable and aligned. It helps to stave off aches, pains , wee leakage or worse… all of which will be inevitable if your core is weak and poorly functioning.

Women and core training

  • Sometimes the shoes we wear can contribute to poor alignment, increased intra abdominal pressure and an unstable spine.
  • Pregnancy and birth can result in diastasis recti (abdominal separation), a weak pelvic floor, and misalignment.
  • Mums have busy lives – a strong core is needed for flexibility for everyday activities, like driving, walking and lifting children.

Without core training – women, particularly mums, are at risk of: incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, loss of balance and recurring back pain. And a tummy they don’t like the look of.

What is the core?

Core training isn’t just about the abs – because the core isn’t just about the abs. It includes: deep muscles – the multifidus, the transverse abdominal muscle, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor;  plus the muscles that are fundamental to the deep core system working effectively: the erector spinae, the rectus abdominus, the gluteus maximus and the obliques amongst others.

Thats a lot of muscles. a lot of really important muscles.

Training your core isn’t about sucking in your stomach, isolating and working one muscle repeatedly, or closing a diastasis gap. Its about getting a body that works right.

Good core exercises

Effective core training tackles all of the muscular structure in the abdomen, exercising your abs, back, hips and pelvic muscles.

Good core exercises depend on exercising mindfully – that means concentrating on engaging the right muscles, ensuring you position yourself correctly, and incorporating your breath with the exercises.

Exercising harder doesn’t mean exercising better! Listening to your body cues is the smart plan… do as much or as little as your body is ready for. Sometimes the subtlest exercise is the most effective.

Finding the right muscles may be as simple as drawing your belly button back towards your spine as you exhale, while lifting the pelvic floor. Relax as you inhale into the ribs, then repeat, emptying your lungs with a long exhale as you contract your muscles again. Resist squeezing your butt or raising your shoulders, don’t tuck your tailbone under… this really can feel like an exquisitely intricate exercise at first, but also one of the best things you can do for your core (especially if it has been compromised by pregnancy and birth).

MUTU core training

The MUTU System program teaches core workouts that ensure every muscle in the mid-section is strengthened. They include squats, balancing postures, lunges – and resistance training that involves pushing, pulling, rotating and bending your body. All these movements need and work your core.

But, more important, is teaching you how to incorporate core muscles into EVERY movement you make, without even thinking about it.  So, every time you pick up your shopping bags, a child, or laundry, your core muscles work *automatically* to enable you to take the strain… Strong, active and functional.