I’ve lost count of the times I’ve ‘fallen off the horse’ in one way or another. I have strong feelings about picking myself up and dusting myself off and minimising the wallowing as much as possible.

Follow these tips and you’ll find those ‘I’m so far off track now I might as well quit’ days are WAY more manageable and your ability to get over them and move on will improve.

I ate something REALLY bad

So you had cake or fries or even (shock horror) FAST FOOD! Nobody died. It’s done. No more self guilt trips. So eat something REALLY good today (and for the rest of the week)… and move on. You’re a grown-up. No scolding.

I haven’t done my daily walk in FOREVER

Your daily walk is a really important part of the program. If you’re struggling with fitting this in, prioritise it above something else you do daily (even MUTU Core if you must). Just get out and walk for half an hour. Take the kids with you and treat it as your reset button being well and truly pressed!

I feel SO guilty for not MUTUing for weeks

Why do you feel guilty? You haven’t done anything wrong. You just got busy. Life gets in the way sometimes. So let’s move on and schedule 10 minutes today to fit MUTU Core in and get back on track.

I NEVER find time to fit my workout in

So time management isn’t your strong point. Me neither! So from today, give yourself an allocated time slot each day where it’s designated MUTU time. Let the kids play around you, cause havoc for 20 minutes, ask friends or family to come by to hold a baby if you need to.

Don’t dwell on the slip ups you’ve made. I have days where I simply cannot be bothered but the next day, I get it together and tackle the day ahead 100%. Allow yourself these days. You’re human. A rather tired and busy one at that!

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