Get a Sexy Body, Mama! | MUTU System

“MUTU has helped me to feel pretty and sexy again!”

I received a wonderful testimonial from a MUTU Mama in Kansas, the lovely Michelle, who is looking and feeling seriously HOT thanks to her MUTU System endeavours, with confidence she never though she’d find again. Be inspired by her story….

“Six months 

[that’s not a typo – it was six months, not six weeks] after my daughter’s birth, I was cleared by my doctor for exercise (I had to wait such a long time because I had a Caesarean incision above my belly button, spent nine hours in theatre and suffered six litres of blood loss due to a Grade IV Placenta Previa…).

Once cleared, I went straight back to the traditional fitness classes I had enjoyed before the birth. I found that the high impact aerobics exacerbated my pelvic girdle pain and the standard ab work did nothing to flatten my stomach. I went to a physiotherapist for my pelvic girdle pain, who told me that I was exercising all wrong and actually harming my postpartum body.

So I started a search for a good postpartum exercise program that I could do at home + found MUTU System, which is completely focused on exercises that help and heal women’s bodies after birth. Although the MUTU exercises never seemed to feel ‘hard’ in the way a high impact aerobics class is hard, the effects were much more pronounced.

My tummy is flatter, my posture is better, and I’m starting to feel like the woman I was before I had a baby. Before I started MUTU I would have been mortified to be seen in sexy lingerie. After 12 weeks of MUTU I’m happy for the world to see me in my corset… so I’m sending you an un-retouched picture taken on a recent photo shoot! My husband bought me the shoot as as gift from Vixen PinUp Photography.

MUTU has helped me to feel pretty + sexy again!”

You look fabulous Michelle!

So How Do You Get a Body That Feels Sexy Again?

If – after a few years, a variety of fitness fads and diets, and certain figure-evolving events (babies) – this question is still bothering you, I have two important points to offer…

1. ‘Sexy’ is in the eye of the beholder

Hourglass, curvy, athletic, podgy, tall, petite, big-boned, elfin… funny, confident, softly-spoken, bashful, fiery… whatever our shape, or personality traits, every one of us is a Goddess in someone’s eyes.

2. Sex appeal is all about your Mojo

Perhaps you’re asking the wrong question: instead of “How can I get a sexy body?” you should ask yourself, “How can I look and feel sexy?”

Looking sexy isn’t all about your appearance – the proportions of your body, the symmetry of your face, the bounciness of your hair. It’s something indefinable: a sparkle, a twinkle, a luminosity that comes from being happy in your skin, content and confident. There’s nothing in the world sexier than a woman who feels GOOD about herself.

Feeling sexy comes from feeling healthy, stress free and vibrant. Feeling sexy starts with feeling ‘alive’ and glowing – + you get that from moving your body, eating real food and loving yourself.

MUTU Mamas have told me that doing MUTU System helps them feel like themselves again – gradually restoring lost body confidence and, in doing so, igniting a feeling of sexiness.

Yes, their bodies improve… they connect with their core again and start to feel fit and strong. Exercise helps restore suppleness and vitality, and gives a buzz of adrenaline.

But it’s the culmination of all this is that is the most important thing as far as sexiness is concerned: They find their mojo – their self-esteem. And it’s transformational. Go find yours ❤️