You’re on the hunt for the perfect postpartum exercise and recovery program and you’re wondering ‘is MUTU System worth it’? Let’s look at why investing in this particular postpartum program would be the right choice for you. 

When we answer the question ‘Is MUTU System worth it’, We want to look at all the ways in which MUTU can benefit you. Financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is worth it on so many levels.

🏥 Reduced risk of surgery costs and no post-surgery healing time

💪 Saving you hundreds of dollars in a gym memberships 

💜 94% of women felt an improvement in how they feel about their body and what it is able to do.

Reduced Risk of Surgery Costs

MUTU System has been through rigorous testing and compliance standards for NHS Digital. Among the many benefits found, Orcha (the NHS Digital Assessors) found that MUTU shows benefits in terms of reduced risk of surgery.

“MUTU System has met all of the expected compliance standards, and displays evidence of clinical benefits. The product has also shown benefits in terms of reduced risk of surgery, symptom improvement and mental well-being improvement.”Orcha, NHS Digital Assessors.

“I’ve fixed parts of my body that doctors say need surgery and that’s crazy to me.”MUTU Mama Elisa

How much is your self-confidence worth?

Isn’t it crazy how we women spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on clothes, accessories, shoes, and monthly subscriptions… without investing in our health and well-being? When it comes to spending money and time on our health, it’s always at the bottom of the pile. Why do we do that?! If you’re asking yourself ‘is MUTU System worth it

…Now is the time for you to invest in yourself, to start investing in YOU!

How much would you spend to:

  • Have a flatter stomach and stronger core?
  • Lose weight?
  • Stop accidental leaks?
  • Look and feel good?
  • Restore your pelvic floor?
  • Gain sexual confidence?
  • Increase your self-confidence?

The MUTU System flagship program is $99 (you can spread this over 4 interest-free payments with Klarna incidentally) for 12 month access.

Is MUTU System worth it, purely from a financial and most cost-effective point of view, YES!

We have members who come back to MUTU regularly, who dip in and out, who pick it up again when they have their next child… we’re always here. And that includes full access to the expert support and community. 

World-class Support

We all have questions when we start something new. What if you feel symptoms aren’t improving or you need to make adaptations and progressions? If you need to be picked up and dusted down with no shame or judgment after life just got in the way for a few days? If you need motivation, encouragement or cheering on? Is this move safe for pregnancy? How to modify that move for prolapse? Why does your body look, feel or respond in a certain way? How are others making it work? 

MUTU Mama Connect™️ is our membership community, accessible to all members. Ask our trained, certified and entirely lovely Connect Community Manager Nicole questions as you progress through the program, and connect personally with thousands of other MUTU Mamas. Connect is our exclusive, entirely private forum and is UNRIVALLED as a place to get support, expert guidance, personal answers and a whole lot of MUTU love. This support alone makes the investment in MUTU System worth it.

“My favorite thing is how forgiving the program is. Because whilst we get hard on ourselves, MUTU doesn’t. We get positive encouragement, personally from MUTU to women. It is positive – there’s no boot camp style “you need to get yourself back up” it’s, “we’re here for you when you’re ready”, “we love it when you do this”, “we love it when you don’t “ “we love you, you’re awesome”. That’s my favorite part.”MUTU Mama Shannon

If you want reliable, credible, evidence-based answers and support, be sure that you can get it. Technical stability, the safety of your data and privacy, guarantee and refund policies, speed and quality of customer service response are important too. All covered with MUTU ✅

Feeling confident about your body is priceless.

But you can get the MUTU System Program for a low cost completely risk-free.

12 Value-Packed Modules to get you the body that you feel truly confident in and to help you to achieve all of the above PLUS

  • Banish post-baby back pain.
  • Heal your Diastasis Recti.
  • Get to where you want to be postpartum.
  • Rediscover your body confidence after having your babies.

You’ll be guided through step by step on your MUTU journey to help you to reach your post-baby goals. We’ve designed specific diastasis recti exercises for women, to ensure you workout safely and effectively.

You’ll learn:

  • How to know if you have diastasis recti
  • How to workout safely with diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction
  • What workouts to avoid with diastasis recti
  • To realign your body to help heal your diastasis and pelvic floor issues.
  • How to strengthen your pelvic floor
  • How to restore your core.

No judgment, no pressure, no diets, no bootcamp! Just gentle, restorative exercises to help your body to heal and get stronger, so you can get on with the stuff you need to do.

In this community, we understand what it means to be lacking self-confidence after having babies. We understand the constant pressure from the media to fit the mold and have the perfect body while our bodies are still recovering. We stand together to know our worth and to celebrate our bodies. We are worthy, you are worthy of a body that makes you feel good.

Sign up to MUTU System to start prioritizing you today!

MUTU System is the pioneering comprehensive online program to address pelvic floor strength and function (leaking, incontinence), diastasis recti (abdominal separation), core strength, full body alignment and strengthening for pelvic floor and core health. It will work for you if you do it, and has the medical evidence, recommendations and customer reviews to back up its claims.

There are adaptations for pregnancy and for prolapse. It is a holistic program that starts with focussed core and pelvic floor foundations, then builds on those strategies for whole-body strength, function and confidence. 

All wrapped up in unrivaled expert, personal support, community, and tracking.

You get everything you need in a beautiful, high quality, private membership site with real-time video instruction and workouts. You get All The Things. Go here for a full breakdown.

No-Risk When You Buy. No Drama Money-back Guarantee.

Our 60-day money-back guarantee completely takes the risk out of buying. 

  1. Enroll, take a look around, try it
  2. If it’s not working for you or isn’t the right fit, we’ll give you your money back.
  3. It’s that simple. By taking the risk away for you, I hope that I’ve taken the stress out of choosing the right program for you. 

Is MUTU System worth it? 💯  YES!

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