There are a some lovely Mummy Bloggers reviewing the MUTU System at the moment, and I thought I’d introduce you to a few of them! Some are following the Mutu System 12 week coaching programme alone, which involves a comprehensive exercise, yoga and nutritional package, along with 12 videos, delivered weekly. There are also a few mums following the programme alongside listening to a Thinking Slimmer slimpod, a fabulous, non invasive ‘mind-set retuner’ to help them lose destructive food habits.

They’re all just in their first couple of weeks, so how are they getting on in their quest to flatten their tummy?? Check out the links to see their blogging updates!

Catherine blogs at mummylion and is doing brilliantly so far – My favourite tweet from Catherine was this one yesterday:

@MummyLion @mutusystem “it’s weird but all of a sudden, my clothes seemed too baggy for me. i feel more like the old me, less frumpy and lumpy”

I’m loving a lady finding her Mojo… :)
Alli blogs at Mum 2 Four and she thinks I’m a machine. Which I think is a compliment. Of sorts. Alli is steadily losing weight and losing her mummy tummy… liking that.
Denise, otherwise known as Snafflesmummy has just bought herself a skipping rope and is going at her workouts with gusto!
Kathie had half hearted success with the MUTU System before due to her self confessed “really messed up relationship with food” and so has really had a fresh start now, trying the Thinking Slimmer  Slimpods in tandem with a re-start on MUTU. She’s not overweight, but wants to address her unhealthy (emotionally, almost more than physically) eating habits.
There are a number of other lovely bloggers trialing the MUTU System, which are just getting started – do introduce yourselves Ladies and keep us posted on how you’re getting on!