Dear the busy, exhausted and disheartened Mama,

I know you’re at your wits end, only just keeping yourself and everyone else above water. Frantically paddling to keep afloat. You’re mentally and physically exhausted, and the idea of even thinking about what’s going on with your post-baby body, requires more brainpower than you can muster right now.

I know you want to feel better about your body, you want to celebrate all it’s done for you, but you’re tired and you just want some sleep, or to watch some trashy TV with a bag of chips and a glass of wine for comfort.

Looking in the mirror each day, you feel disconnected from that body that grew your beautiful children. You’re wondering where that woman went, the one who used to feel confident, happy and sexy in her own skin.

The way you feel right now seems so far from where you want to be, and you don’t see a way out. You’re too busy to workout, too busy to eat well and too busy to spend time on you.

I have some important words of wisdom for you, mama. The way you feel right this moment, it’s normal and you aren’t alone. You might feel scared, alienated and on your own, but the truth is there are hundreds of thousands of women just like you, feeling this way.

What’s the solution?

Acknowledge that you’re busy and tired and that you’re doing a fabulous job. We’re moms, we do a tonne of stuff for everyone else and we just keep going, because we’re seriously awesome and pretty much have superpowers.

Next, you need to urgently address those feelings of unworthiness and disconnect. You are absolutely 100% deserving of a body that works and that makes you feel good. You grew a human, or multiple humans and you brought them into the world. Your body is beautiful and strong and it deserves to be cared for, nurtured and assisted in its recovery.

And then, we address the time issue. You’re busy, I’m busy, moms are busy people. We don’t have a load of spare time and we never sit twiddling our thumbs looking for something to do. So where do we get this time from to exercise and work on ‘Project You’?

We make the time and we prioritise us.

Because a mother who is unhappy, tired, unwell, not in full health, not strong and fit, she’s no good to her family or to herself, is she? So enter the strong mama, healthy mama, confident mama. The kind of mama who puts her own mental and physical wellbeing on top… and then the rest really is a lot, LOT easier to take care of.

With love,

Wendy x


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