MUTU Pro | The certification to help fitness and health professionals grow their income, credibility, and business.

MUTU Pro was created for health and fitness professionals looking to grow their business, expand their client base, and increase their income and credibility. Founder and CEO of MUTU System, Wendy Powell, bought MUTU Pro to life after repeatedly being asked by those working in the health and fitness industry if they could certify to teach MUTU System methods and techniques. Now in its 3rd year, we have over 50 certified MUTU Pros around the world. But it doesn’t stop there.

We want more personal trainers, fitness instructors, qualified Crossfit coaches, Pilates and yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, chiropractors and physical therapists. Anyone working in this space, teaching or treating postpartum women. We want you in our community because there are women desperate to work with experts like you.

Certified MUTU Pros can gain:

  • More credibility in the women’s health, postpartum fitness, and wellbeing space.
  • Expertise in how to train moms safely and effectively.
  • The answers to all the questions your female client has about her postpartum body.
  • Growth in your business.
  • Done for your strategies specially designed to help postpartum women.
  • Business guidance from a team of specialists.
  • A support network of experts from around the world in a ton of disciplines relating to women’s health.
  • More clients coming to you and searching for you for your expertise and specialist knowledge.
  • More income!
  • Ongoing support from the MUTU Pro team.

What does our postpartum fitness certification look like?

The ACE, NASM and AFAA accredited MUTU Pro Certification has been created with fitness and health professionals in mind because we want to help you to better serve your female clients while helping you to build your business, either from scratch or taking your existing business to the top level! You get access to over 50,000 of our members, moms who desperately need your face-to-face guidance and expertise. You get to align yourself with a million dollar online brand and you get to dive deep into our expertise in tech, marketing and business.

There are women in your area that are looking for support in their postpartum fitness and recovery from trainers and experts just like you.


Tracy Sher, MUTU Pro Advisory
Pelvic Physical Therapist Florida, USA.

In terms of increase of referrals, we get an extra 20-30 visits per month directly from MUTU Pro. What I really love about MUTU is it’s reaching the community in a way that is sometimes hard for us to do as health professionals. We can go online and we can talk about the science and information but MUTU has probably one of the best ways of reaching this community that I’ve seen and specifically the postnatal community.

Bill Bitz, MUTU Pro
Personal Trainer & Weightlifting Coach. Florida, USA

It has expanded my business by exposing me to a different segment that I may not have been exposed to before. The postpartum market is very much a word of mouth group. The amount of referrals that I get has skyrocketed. It’s amazing! I am much more confident in helping my clients become comfortable with working out again. I love knowing that all the exercises that I have them do are safe for them. Like I said the “Mom” crowd is a very vocal one. If one is happy with your training they tell everyone of their friends. Word of mouth referrals are amazing.

After certifying as a MUTU Pro…

After 3 live days of training in San Diego with Wendy and the team, you’ll join our team of certified MUTU Pros. You’ll appear in our directory in front of tens of thousands of women across the world and most importantly be at the very forefront of this movement in postpartum fitness. As a certified Pro you’ll have gained the expertise and credibility you need to really stand out in this industry and a wealth of resources and ongoing access to the MUTU Pro team.

If you’re a health and fitness professional working with women and you want to learn more about certifying as a MUTU Pro this year email [email protected]