Very often we look for the one culprit, the one reason why we don’t feel the way we’d like to feel. The reason we can’t go for a long walk, exercise, eat in a way that nourishes not depletes, take the time to relax, breathe deeply or spend some time looking after *us*.

It might be a physiological condition, an emotional issue or a logistical obstacle. Whatever it is, it makes us somehow the exception to the rule.

We then focus on that one issue, blaming it. *THIS* is why I can’t have the confidence or energy or strength I want. This is why I can’t go running today, or eat right, or take 10 minutes to just breathe and still my mind for a brief moment. See? It’s out of my control. There’s nothing I can do. All those things that might work for other people… consistent, correctly performed exercise, a clean diet, postural correction or a positive attitude… they won’t work for ME. Because I’VE got *THIS* to deal with.

I believe that we CAN take control. That consistency, focus and some real knowledge, can take us a very long way towards our physical and emotional goals. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not denying the existence or validity of the often very real obstacles that every one of us faces. Very often we really can’t control them. But we can decide how big an obstacle we’re going to convince ourselves that they really are.

Before we say “You know what, I AM important. I deserve to look and feel better about myself. I’m going to take some good advice, figure out a strategy and then I’m going to actually DO it”.

What do you think? Do you recognise yourself? Do you agree? I’d love to know what you think!