Sheena Arting is the host of the Dear Milfamily Podcast and she has kindly decided to share her M.O.M.S. journey with us.

Sheena’s story

I worked really hard to get my boys. Like, really hard. We suffered through many uncomfortable medical procedures, countless negative pregnancy tests, and a chemical pregnancy after our first round of in-vitro fertilization before we successfully got pregnant. Eight years and two boys later, I never realized my body would look drastically different from when I first started on this infertility journey. After our first son was born, I went to my six week check up and tried to remain calm through the poking and prodding of the internal examination. I’ll never forget what the doctor said after I was told to “clench.” She thought a moment and then said “Hmmm, not bad, but you need to continue to do Kegel exercises.”

Sheena Arting with her children - M.O.M.S. review

The only thing I knew about Kegels was to tighten up or clench my pelvic muscle. I would do them sitting in the car on my way to work. I would do them while I sat nursing my child. All along I was thinking that those Kegel exercises would help but my body would never be back to normal. I had heard from other women that refrain repeated over and over that your body will never be the same and to just get used to it.

After the birth of our second son, I really started to notice the tolls pregnancy and childbirth took on my body. I would catch myself barely able to hold my bladder and rushing to the bathroom once I got in the door at home from work. I’m a teacher and going to the bathroom at work can be tricky at times. I would make sure I went before class started, during my prep, during lunch, and immediately after school. I went on with my life, took a year off from teaching, and even started a podcast for military families all while trying to manage my ‘new’ body.


Now almost four years after having our second child, I had resigned myself to the fact that my body may never work right. That I might continue to lose control of my bladder as I aged. I was even wondering if I might one day have to wear adult diapers. But something almost divine happened. I met Ashley Gammon through Instagram because of my podcast. Her enthusiasm for M.O.M.S. and MUTU, in general, was contagious. She’s one of those genuine people whose earnestness really affects you. She made me a believer in the system since that conversation. I’m now starting on my third week of MUTU and I can already see the changes. It’s amazing for me to say that I am not rushing to the bathroom anymore. I have noticed a change in my abdominal area. And I have even lost a couple of pounds! Not having worry about whether I can control my bladder or not is reason enough alone to continue this program and continue to strengthen my pelvic floor and core muscles. Now, I don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of having to change my clothes in the middle of the day or scheduling bathroom trips. I have confidence that my body will work the way it should.

Sheena’s bio

Sheena Arting is an Air Force spouse of 9 years and host of the Dear MilFamily Podcast. She and her husband are raising two rambunctious and sweet boys, ages 3 and 5. In their military life, they have lived in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, and Virginia and made many friends along the way. Before meeting her husband, Sheena mostly grew up in New Mexico, but her family also lived for brief stints in California and Idaho. She graduated from high school in Albuquerque and went to the University of New Mexico. She got her Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2005. She worked for a few years being a case manager for kids in foster care. She met her husband, Aaron in Albuquerque in 2007 through a dating website. In 2012, she got her Master’s degree in Secondary Education from Texas State University, and she is in her fourth year of teaching middle school. She took a few years off to have and raise kids.  Sheena teaches language arts and history and loves to spread the joy of reading to her students and helping them develop critical analysis skills. During the summer, her hobbies are listening to podcasts, making podcasts, reading, and yoga. During the school year, her hobbies are trying to survive!