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The Importance of Finding Your Postpartum Tribe

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but there’s less focus and tribe mentality when it comes to a mother’s recovery and her own postpartum journey. Like me, you may have felt [...]

My DR Healing Story – Charlotte, Mama of Four.

If you're on your own postpartum healing journey right now, you'll know how isolating and lonely it can feel when you have diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues. So when another mama is brave enough [...]

How does a mom of 12 recover postpartum?

Ever wondered how a mom of 12 (yes, TWELVE! Awesome, right!?) heals a diastasis recti and recovers after bringing so many gorgeous humans into the world, all while juggling the crazy day to day mission [...]

“Actually, people say he’s gorgeous”

A beautiful post by Mama and MUTU Pro Rebecca Wright. It's May 2016. I get a call from the Health Visitor out of the blue, asking to meet us. She's a new one (to us). [...]

Lydia’s MUTU System Story

We love it when you share your post-baby body healing stories with us and we’re so delighted to share this latest one from mum of two, Lydia. Lydia is mama to her 3 year old [...]

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