Alignment 101 [VIDEO BLOG]

OK, I get it. Alignment can feel like a bit of a minefield and there tends to be a lot of overwhelm… Up until now, you’d never noticed or seen the connection between your pelvic floor, and wearing your favourite 4 inch heels or sitting for long periods at a desk or in the car. [...]

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Tummy Talk

I saw an article pop up on my newsfeed the other day that promised to show me how to ‘Hide My Problem Areas During Sex’... Firstly, what the heck is a ‘problem area’ of my body? Should I have a warning sign or something so my husband can navigate his way round this so-called problem [...]

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A Winter Guide to Barefoot Shoes

It’s that time of year for us northern hemisphere gals. The toes you've been bearing for the last few months are about to embark on a long hibernation in wooly socks and warm shoes! I don't know about you but I've been trying to draw out the sandal wearing for as long as I can, but sooner or [...]

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15 Minute Daily Workout? Cool! Only 15 Minutes Total Daily Movement? Not Cool.

My girl. Taking a walk. MUTU Intensive workouts are extremely effective and last only 15-20 minutes, which is very cool, especially for busy Mamas. But those 15-20 minutes AREN'T your daily activity quota, they're your *intensive exercise to get fit and strong and gorgeous and sweaty* quota. Movement, ie walking, needs to [...]