15 Minute Daily Workout? Cool! Only 15 Minutes Total Daily Movement? Not Cool.

My girl. Taking a walk. MUTU Intensive workouts are extremely effective and last only 15-20 minutes, which is very cool, especially for busy Mamas. But those 15-20 minutes AREN'T your daily activity quota, they're your *intensive exercise to get fit and strong and gorgeous and sweaty* quota. Movement, ie walking, needs to [...]

Barefoot Shoes for Kids Explained… With Video Demo!

I have been recently initiated into the world of barefoot walking and running under the tuition of, and thanks to some lovely shoes from, VIVObarefoot. So mum's a barefoot running convert...now its time to indoctrinate my children *evil cackle* and try out some barefoot shoes for kids. What's Wrong With Our Normal School Shoes? I have 2 (kids), aged [...]

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