Healthy Eating for Mums and Kids

It's a huge challenge for mums: How to feed yourself and your kids (preferably the same) healthy family food on a daily basis. I have recently started working with an absolutely lovely client who has quite a mealtime challenge on her hands: 4 kids, aged 4-10, two of whom are autistic. "Fussy Eaters" doesn't apparently [...]

Postnatal Fat Loss | A Mummy Tummy Food Diary

Karin at Cafebebe (blog now closed) and her food confessions start here... Karin, her tummy and her Little Miss Want postnatal fat loss? Even if you're not so postnatal anymore... that's OK. Please join the *really-quite-a-few-months-postnatal-now* lovely Karin on her journey to a smaller stomach! I have a few days of food diary [...]

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