We have a habit (especially us Brits) of censoring everything we say for fear of grossing others out. From an early age, names of body parts are replaced with alternative ‘polite-society-friendly’ words. We just don’t mention our concerns, issues, symptoms or worries.

I’m here to tell you that TMI is obsolete here.

Before I go any further, for those not familiar, TMI = Too much information (used to indicate that someone has revealed personal information of an embarrassing nature).

TMI is the reason so many women are afraid to face postpartum issues directly for fear of an an awkward conversation. It’s the reason women are often so unsupported when facing these problems, because they don’t feel they can openly speak to friends or even health professionals without blushing and wanting the ground to swallow them whole.

We’re so concerned about offending others or feeling embarrassed, that we’re putting our own health second.

Moms contact me and are apologetic for the amount of detail they want to spill, begging forgiveness for telling me that they pee themselves when they sneeze or that they find sex too painful or are too self conscious to enjoy intimacy.

I wish it weren’t so unacceptable to talk about normal things. Millions of women are experiencing these issues, yet nobody is talking about them, and so women feel like they’re alone.

At MUTU we don’t believe in TMI, and actively invite and encourage you to share, to talk, and to understand and address all your concerns, physical and emotional.

Do me a favour, and the next you have a coffee or wine with your girlfriends, set yourself the challenge of TMI-ing the heck outta them. You may be surprised how much you learn, and how much better you feel :) And post your TMI with abandon in the comments below, we’re here to help!

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