Sandra Roycroft-Davis, founder of Thinking Slimmer | Guest speaker at MUTUVation 2013 | MUTU SystemThis woman can set you free from obsessing about food, diets and calories… for good. And she’s going to share insights into the technique and show just how easily we can change our habits at MUTUVation 2013!

Its not like we don’t know that our food choices are fundamental to how much extra fat we carry. But sometimes being told to ‘eat smaller portions’, ‘choose healthier food’, ‘don’t comfort eat or binge’ or ‘eat less!’… are not enough. They don’t work. Just because a principle appears ‘simple’ it definitely doesn’t mean its easy.

Many, many women are always on or off some diet or another, always thinking, worrying or talking about what, and how much they’re eating. You may be working out, really putting in the time and effort to exercise and get fit, but the food you eat is preventing you from seeing the results on the scales or in your jeans. If this is you, and if you’d like to be free from the obsessing, the feelings of denial or failure and the plain boredom of always being ‘on a diet’ – you will want to hear what Sandra has to say!

Along with Senior Physiotherapist Camilla Lawrence, my other guest speaker at MUTUVation 2013 will be Sandra Roycroft-Davis, Harley Street behavioural change expert and founder of Thinking Slimmer. You can read more about Thinking Slimmer and MUTU System working together here. For a number of years now, we have referred customers to each other in order to offer mums-in-search-of-their-Mojo a truly holistic solution that treats both body and mind.

Just like MUTU System, “Thinking Slimmer is about a whole lot more than slimming and fitness,” says Sandra. “Confidence and self-esteem are two ingredients which are vital to success and well-being. My aim is to empower people to feel good about themselves and help them to look good too. The key is giving people the power to take control over food and set themselves free from something that has dominated their lives.”

Powerful techniques based on unconscious persuasion and cutting edge research from neuroscience with the power of the unconscious mind can create behavioural change that can literally set you free to enjoy food without hangups or diets, enjoy your life and really want to be more active and energetic.

Sandra, a mother of three who lives in Middlesex, trained in cognitive hypnotherapy with the Quest Institute and qualified as a practitioner in neuro linguistic programming (NLP) under David Shephard. She launched the now wildly successful Thinking Slimmer in January 2011 and has recently been invited to partner with Change4Life to promote healthier eating across the UK.

Your MUTUVation all-day pass includes all sessions with Wendy, Sandra and Camilla, lunch PLUS a copy of Wendy’s new book published September 2013.