Food Swaps to Speed Up Your Postpartum Recovery

MuTu Food is about mindful eating - knowing what's in your food so your life is kept as simple as possible and mealtimes are free of calorie counting and portion control! I have a question for you. What’s your go to treat? That thing you simply can’t resist when you reach to the cupboard for [...]

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An Easy Ease into Cleaner Eating

Changing your diet can be overwhelming at the best of times. Throw sleep deprived, post-baby, busy mom into the mix and it’s one heck of a mountain to climb! It is hard to make changes to the way we eat, but not impossible and once you’ve made those changes it just becomes part of your [...]

Top Mojo finding + body healing foods.

As a mother, it’s imperative that you look after your body, and we’re not just talking about doing high intensity exercise to shed a few pounds. It’s more than that. Perhaps one of the most important parts of our post-baby, body healing, tummy fixing journey, is what we’re putting into our bodies. Nutrition should be [...]

Get Happy + Hydrated; 5 ways to drink more water + our favourite infused waters.

For years we’ve known that water is best. We’ve been bombarded with the ‘8 glasses a day rule’, and life-changing reasons why we should only drink the clear stuff and it gets confusing! Let’s face it, although incredibly vital, water can be a little dull especially when hydrating your little ones. Rather than reach for [...]

A Day in the Life of a Mama in Chief – Wendy’s Vacation Food Journal

We know how hard it is to stay on the wagon with nutrition at home and to consistently eat well. We also know just how much of an impact the foods we eat have on our overall health, wellbeing and state of mind. That’s why, where possible, we eat foods that help us feel more [...]

Why I Recommend Thinking Slimmer

My dear friend and Harley Street Weight Loss Expert, Sandra Roycroft-Davis, explains how Slimpod works and how 95% of people in her clinical trials lost weight compared to 95% of people who don't lose weight on diets.  Some things just work. Like getting more sleep, reducing stress, walking outside every day and eating the right [...]

Animal Gelatin, Rebuilding Postpartum Collagen, Diastasis Recti… + Vegetarians

HEALING DIASTASIS RECTI + PELVIC FLOOR AFTER CHILDBIRTH WITH NUTRITION Requires adjustments to alignment and load bearing, entire core musculature reconnection and strengthening, great nutrition, hydration... and rebuilding collagen. Collagen is the stuff that binds together at the front of your abdomen, where all the abdominal muscles meet (or not in the case of a [...]

Diets, Deprivation, Weight Loss + Self Righteous Health Experts

Perfectly reasonable, do-able and enjoyable though I might believe the MuTu-Lifestyle to be, occasionally my health and wellness self-righteousness is very rightly challenged by an exasperated and perfectly normal woman throwing her hands up in the air... "REALLY? No wine? No crisps? No high heels? What are you trying to DO to me?'. It's delicious. [...]