Diversity and Inclusion at MUTU

Diversity and inclusion in our brand and community

Ensuring that all feel welcome in our global MUTU family is at the heart of everything we do. We are intentionally inclusive and diverse in all our content. We recognise that the health and wellness space lacks representation and diversity, and have been committed to actively addressing this.

Our programme content features women of colour and identity, as well as different body shapes and sizes so that more women feel represented and welcome in our space.

MUTU is for everyone who needs it. We welcome and support LGBTQ+ parents to feel safe within our community, and maintain a safe space where prejudice or discrimination based on any value, belief or choice are not tolerated.

Diversity and inclusion in our team

Team MUTU Culture is collaborative, respectful and empowering. Everyone is valued and takes responsibility and accountability for their role.

We are a female-owned and largely female-run company. We operate a genuinely flexible working and family-friendly working culture in order to accommodate the needs of parents, carers and people living with disability to ensure healthy work-life balance, happiness and mental health.

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values and promotes diversity in physical ability, age, ethnicity, gender, identity or sexual orientation. We proactively seek and work with BIPOC-owned and led businesses.

At MUTU System we are anti-racist. This means we want to take sustained intentional action to combat racism. We actively support and promote BIPOC-led organisations and Influencers working for racial equality and in support of #BlackLivesMatter

Our activism is through donations and the representation and amplifying of black and brown voices.

Read MUTU CEO Wendy’s article here on Inequality and Systemic Racism within healthcare system.

We are listening and learning and are accountable for improvement and growth.

Our business is founded on the principle of women’s right to dignity and equality, and so our actions are focused on Black maternal health and on amplifying Black women’s voices.

We have sponsored trainee Black Birthworkers and Doulas through Mars Lord’s Abuela Doulas Black Lives Abuela Scholarship Fund in the UK.

We will continue to amplify the voices of black and brown bodied parents, and to support all birthing people and mothers in our work. 

We want to continually and sustainably do the work of building an anti-racist business and community where everyone feels safe and valued. If you would like to contact us about our anti-racist commitment or point us towards further ally-ship, please get in touch.

Giving Back

We are passionate about women and girls’ equality of opportunity and bodily autonomy. We will continue to grow our contribution to fighting mother and child poverty, oppression, prejudice and abuse through our support of empowering, non-partisan grassroots women’s charities around the world.

We have sponsored trainee Black Birthworkers and Doulas through the Mama Glow Scholarship Fund in the USA and The Black Lives Abuela Scholarship Fund in the UK.

We make regular donations to Black Mamas Matter,  a Black women-led cross-sectoral alliance.

Our CEO Wendy is on the Microloan Women’s Development Board of Microloan, a charity that enables some of the world’s poorest women to work their own way out of poverty by providing training and microloans.