Pregnancy can be filled with information overload and uncertainty.

That’s why we want to ensure that every mama-to-be is armed with the right information, so she can prepare in pregnancy and restore postpartum.

MUTU are the leaders in transformative prenatal and postnatal care, medically proven to prepare you for birth and recovery.

How MUTU helps you prepare during pregnancy to restore post-birth.

  • MUTU teaches the foundational core and pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy that will help get ready for birth and aid better recovery
  • MUTU will prepare and empower you to tune in and connect with the muscles that help you birth and recover.
  • Real human support through your pregnancy in our expert-led community, so you don’t ever feel uninformed.
  • Instead of waiting until post-birth, establish familiarity and connection with what it feels like to engage your core and your pelvic floor correctly during pregnancy.
  • Helping you feel empowered and prepared, with a focus on your perinatal mental health

MUTU is the secret every mum wishes she had known before she had her baby! 

By joining us during your pregnancy you are in the absolute best place to have a more comfortable pregnancy, prepare for birth and to heal and restore afterwards.


Tamsyn Bristow, NHS Midwife

"Working with pregnant women and new mothers, I see that with all of the antenatal and postnatal changes, women can be left feeling disconnected or unhappy with their bodies. MUTU addresses this feeling, providing a programme that allows women to prepare and restore their bodies, for birth and motherhood.”
Fact mother with child in field
Fact mother with child in field

Medically Trialled by NHS Hospital

Fact mother with child in field
Fact mother with child in field

Dr. Suruchi Kothari

"MUTU is a FANTASTIC platform to empower pregnant women and prepare them for postnatal recovery so that they can thrive in motherhood."


felt better about their body and what it is able to do
Fact mother with child in field
Fact mother with child in field
Ebook cover 10 things about your post baby body

10 things I wish I'd known during pregnancy


Yes. MUTU is recommended by OB-GYN’s, Doctors, Midwives and Physical Therapists as safe throughout your motherhood journey. It is safe to exercise during pregnancy, and there are proven and meaningful benefits. 

The most important core exercises you can do in pregnancy are the foundational core and pelvic floor exercises found in MUTU Core. These highly effective breathing strategies guide you to tune in and intentionally connect with your deep core and pelvic floor.

If pregnancy is the time you decide to start exercising and get healthier, this is a huge positive! Assuming medical clearance and no contraindications, MUTU can help you to progress very gradually and focus on form and technique, over volume, speed or intensity.

Pregnancy Testimonials

“I used MUTU during my 3rd pregnancy and my body has healed dramatically faster than with my prior deliveries and I am a much more confident woman this time around.”


“Using MUTU throughout my whole pregnancy helped me recover even better and made postpartum even easier”


“I’ve been using this throughout my pregnancy and it gives me complete relief from my aches and pains.”


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