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Designed to fit around your life. Stream workouts anywhere, on-demand, from your favorite device.

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  • Safe for pregnancy
  • Perfect for c-section or vaginal delivery
  • Results you can see and feel, however long ago you had your baby!

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What you get with MUTU System

Your Personalized MUTU Hub – on your home screen and ready to go when you are

Drop the icon on your phone or tablet home screen or access from your laptop, and you’ll be logged right back in to the Hub to continue your journey 

The MUTU Core Phases

Medically proven MUTU core and pelvic floor exercise videos for preparation and rehabilitation. Each Core Phase will guide and instruct you breath-by-breath in real-time. So you know you’re doing it right every time and getting results. MUTU Core is the ‘secret sauce’ of MUTU!

The MUTU Intensive Phases

Clearly instructed real-time videos of no-impact, high intensity, core and pregnancy-safe, super-efficient workouts to strengthen, shape, and tone your body. Safe for pre and postnatal mamas.

Private online global community

Connect personally with thousands of other MUTU Mamas, in our exclusive, secure forum. This community has got your back every step of the way.

Full expert support

For those ‘am I doing it right?’ moments. Certified MUTU Pro and Community Manager Nicole is on hand to guide, reassure, advise and keep you motivated and inspired during your journey.

Alignment Masterclass video

How you sit and stand during pregnancy and beyond affects pelvic floor function! Clear demos and instruction on how to adjust your posture for optimal core and pelvic core preparation, recovery, and function. 

Pregnancy Modifications

During pregnancy, we understand that you and your baby’s comfort is the number one priority. We’ll help you to modify each exercise or movement as and when you need to to feel as comfortable, confident, and safe as possible.

Pregnancy Masterclasses

Because you feeling empowered and prepared during your pregnancy is our priority. We’ll talk you through all the must-know topics to ensure you step into motherhood with confidence.

Prolapse and pelvic symptoms modifications

Dealing with prolapse and other pelvic symptoms can feel overwhelming but you’re in the right place. We’ve got you covered with specially tailored modifications to help you to recover, banish symptoms and even avoid surgery. 

Personal online tracker and program hub

Because, who doesn’t love checking off a list! Your personal online tracker will help you to keep yourself accountable. Updates in real-time in your personal hub which remembers your progress every time you log in.

Food Guide

No diets, no rules, no restricting or going hungry. Just real nutritional know-how to help you feel healthier, balance your hormones, give you more energy and prepare and strengthen your body. MUTU Food is about feeling better in your body pre and postnatal. 

Medical resources and specialist referral links

If you need a medical or specialist referral, we know where to point you. Additional links to the medical education, research, and expert information you need, from credible and trusted medical sources and professionals.

How my MUTU hub works

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