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Does MUTU System Actually Work?

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You’re searching for answers to your postpartum symptoms and you’ve come across MUTU System, you’ve seen what we do, but Does MUTU System Actually work?

We’ve been helping women to rediscover and feel good in their bodies for over 10 years. We were the first online postpartum program and are the only medically recommended program. As a mother myself that has worked through my own postpartum recovery, I‘ve seen and felt the results but don’t take my word for it.

The proof is in the numbers, in the results, and in what our customers say about us. Here’s what this article is going to show you so you can feel assured when making your purchase of MUTU System that this program will get you the results you’ve been trying/wanting to get.

✅ The proven results that our customers get ? 94% of women with diastasis recti reported an improvement after using MUTU System! There are more wow factor stats below ?

✅ The medical evidence and proven clinical benefits you’re looking for in a program

✅ Hear from our 80k+ customers (mamas just like you) all over the world who answer ‘Does MUTU System actually work?’ They say YES and here are the results they’ve got, and so can you!

MUTU Will Work For You If…

Your kids are older and no longer babies

It’s never too late to make a difference, strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and feel better inside and out. No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, MUTU is helping mothers of all ages to achieve the results they want. 

You had a c-section 

MUTU System is entirely suitable and beneficial for post-c section. The program is designed to help you to re-connect nerve pathways and regain sensitivity and tone around your scar site. The MUTU exercises will make your core stronger and more stable (i.e. so that your core supports your back properly and without pain) and restore tone and function to your stomach muscles. However you gave birth, MUTU can help. 

You feel like you’re too far gone

No matter how long you’ve been dealing with pelvic floor and core issues, MUTU can help. We have mamas who are 40+ years post-birth and they are achieving the results they want with our proven program. 

You’ve had a hysterectomy 

MUTU can help you to re-establish connection post-op, once you’ve been cleared by your consultant or doctor. Strengthening your core muscles with a safe and medically recommended program will benefit your recovery. 

You’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy

We have specific modifications for pregnancy within the MUTU System program. The best thing about MUTU is that you can pick it up at any stage of motherhood. Pre and postnatal health and fitness is what we do and we’ll support you every step of the way. 

If you have never had a baby

Diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction can affect all people, not just those who’ve carried a baby. This program, while aimed at postpartum women, can help anyone dealing with these problems.

Will you Actually Be Able to Stick to it?

We understand that in order to stick with something you need to feel supported, you need to know you’re doing it right and you need to feel good about yourself while you do it. Here’s how we help you to go through the program and stick to it:

Expertise on hand to guide you through 

You will get access to a certified MUTU Pro, Nicole, every single step of the way. Stuck on something? Got questions about your recovery? Shoot Nicole a message in your private support forum, Connect and she will give you the answer you need.

We hold you accountable so you stick to it

Everything is easier with a friend giving you a nudge to get on and stay on track. Your accountability texts and emails will motivate you to keep on going and also give you a reminder to get your MUTU on. 

In-program journal and tracking

How good does it feel to tick something off as you complete it? Our MUTU journal and tracker keeps you on track and accountable throughout your MUTU journey, module by module.

Clinical Benefits of MUTU System

The results and success stories of our customers are at the heart of everything we do, but we also want to reassure you that MUTU really is the leading medically recommended online program for moms.

Let’s do ‘the science bit’ first. Where’s the medical proof and evidence that MUTU System actually works and is safe for the issues you’re dealing with right now? 

Put simply… MUTU System is the most medically recommended postpartum exercise and recovery program. 

MUTU System has been used in clinical studies, has ensured NHS physio patients have received care during Covid-19, and continues to be the go-to for midwives, physical therapists, plastic surgeons, and doctors to recommend to their patients. 

You can go here to see where we outline exactly how the program is medically recommended by leaders in the industry. It also gives you the clinical data from a study conducted with over 900 women, the extensive digital app assessments we’ve passed, our partnership with the NHS during COVID-19, and more.

“The MUTU System program has met all compliance standards, and displays evidence of clinical benefits… including reduced risk of surgery, symptom improvement and mental well-being improvement” ORCHA NHS DAQ assessment team

If you’re looking for a program to help you with:

✅ Reduced risk of surgery

✅ Symptom improvement

✅ Mental wellbeing improvement

MUTU System actually works!

What Results Can You Expect?

To answer the question ‘does MUTU System actually work’, we surveyed over 900 women who had followed the MUTU System program for 6 weeks or more. Here are the stats:

The Expertise Behind MUTU System

If you want help with postpartum recovery, healing a diastasis recti or strengthening your pelvic floor, then a generic personal trainer is not enough. You will want:

✅ specific postpartum specialist

✅ with recovery and fitness certifications from respected sources

✅ biomechanics expertise

✅ women’s health or pelvic health specialities in fitness and/or physical therapy.

MUTU Founder and CEO Wendy Powell Dip PT, is a speaker, master trainer, author, and recognized global pioneer in postnatal recovery and exercise.

Wendy’s expertise has helped over 80,000 women around the world feel better inside and out after having their babies.

Who recommends MUTU System?

Evidence and research are hugely important. The ‘gold standard’ even, if a method, program or concept is to be proven or truly evidence-based. If evidence of outcomes is going to influence your decision (and it should), be certain it’s good evidence.

Medical experts that deal with pelvic floor function, prolapse symptoms, painful sex or diastasis recti recommend MUTU System.

We have endorsements from specialist women’s health and pelvic health PTs and Womens’ Health Physiotherapists. From surgeons and plastic surgeons who specialise in abdominal and pelvic work, midwives and health professionals working with women’s postnatal physical and mental health issues. You can see what the medical experts say about MUTU here.

“I see moms in my plastic surgery practice all the time who are just a few months out from delivery and looking to make their pregnant-appearing belly go down. I always recommend that they start with non-surgical treatment before considering surgery, and Wendy’s MUTU System is my go-to recommendation.” DR. ANITA KULKARNI MD

“I am a huge fan and advocate of MUTU System for all mummies, regardless of when they gave birth. Wendy Powell has provided an accessible and much-needed service in the fitness sector for postpartum women. The MUTU System covers fundamentals such as posture, breathing, core stability, and functional movement with a holistic twist incorporating nutrition and lifestyle advice. The best part is MUTU System is so affordable for women and a great adjunct to physiotherapy. I highly recommend every mummy invest in MUTU System to learn more about their bodies and how to keep their bodies strong and healthy after birth.” HEBA SHAHEED PT WHC

MUTU System reviews

Real people and their stories will always be the opinions we all trust the most. Did it work for them? Did they like it? Would they recommend it?

You can see objective customer reviews on Trustpilot or Facebook. The internet leaves nowhere for brands to hide – read the reviews and testimonials of MUTU customers by following the links above.

“MUTU Saved me, it literally saved me. I love the program and I cannot recommend it enough”
– MUTU Mama Charina

Our 30-day moneyback risk-free promise

So you have all the evidence you need to know if MUTU System actually works. It does, it’s proven and we also sell every copy of the program with a promise. A 30-day no hassle, zero drama, moneyback guarantee. It’s super simple. If after trying the program out, if you don’t start to feel stronger, more confident, and better able to live your life symptom-free, then just email us and we’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

Ready to join over 80,000 other mamas in feeling better in your amazing body?

Life-Changing Results for Moms

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    Approved as safe + effective in Clinical trials
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    Evidence based solution for fat loss, diastasis recti + pelvic floor
  • Thick
    Stream Pre + Postpartum workouts on-demand from any device
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    Inclusive, expert-led support community
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    Track your step by step progress in the MUTU Hub


Jody Rudd WilsonJanuary 25, 2021

Is this suitable for post-umbilical hernia surgery? I may already have a recurring hernia (surgery was 4 months ago) and am looking to stabilize as much as I can before potentially another surgery.

Team MUTUJanuary 27, 2021

Hi Jody, we regularly hear from women concerned with a hernia who are looking for information and advice, so please know you are not alone and we are delighted that you’ve found us! There are lots of types of hernia, with an umbilical hernia,(located near the belly button), being common during pregnancy or following childbirth. In some cases, your doctor may advise that surgery is required and in other cases recommend non-surgical techniques – like the ones Wendy has written about here.

MUTU’s core phases are gentle, helping you to strengthen your core and pelvic floor and reduce excess pressure through improving postural alignment. In the program, you’ll also find lots of ways to adapt and modify the program if you need to. It’s important to note that MUTU is an exercise program, not a medical treatment and no exercise program can or ever should claim to cure or ‘fix’ a hernia. MUTU core phases are recommended by Pelvic Physiotherapists around the world, and whilst likely to complement your care, these conditions should ALWAYS be diagnosed and treated according to your medical specialist’s advice.

Please read our full article here about following MUTU with Hernia and do not start this or any exercise program without individual medical diagnosis and advice. You undertake any exercise regime at your own risk – please see our full medical disclaimer here. We are always happy to discuss the content of our programs with medical professionals so that they can determine if the program is suitable for your personal situation.

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