Is MUTU System for me?

The Focus Program, or the first Core Phase of the 12 Week Program, are safe to start in the early days after birth. These foundation stages of the programs are designed to help you locate and restore connection to your core muscles. They are gentle, helping you to re-connect with your body and increase circulation to your core and pelvic floor to aid healing. The daily walk advocated in all our programs is healthy and nourishing to start as soon as you feel able.

You should wait a minimum of 6 weeks following a vaginal birth without complications, and at least 10 weeks following a c-section or any birth complications, before commencing the Intensive workouts in the 12 Week Program. These workouts are introduced in Week 3, so you will simply stay on the first 2 weeks of core restoration until you are ready.

Seek medical approval from your doctor before starting any exercise program after childbirth.

All elements of the core sections (for clarification, that’s all of the Focus program, or the MUTU Core elements of the 12 Week Program) are safe and beneficial for a healthy, low risk pregnancy where exercise has been approved by your Doctor. By following the gentle stages of core exercises clearly instructed in the program, you will keep your core and pelvic floor supple and strong for pregnancy and minimise issues with weakness and lack of tone afterwards.

MUTU Food (the nutritional guidelines in the 12 Week Program) is not a diet or restrictive eating plan. It advocates and guides you to shop for, prepare and eat, natural, real, unprocessed food, with an emphasis on maximising essential fats, cutting out refined sugars and processed foods and a high intake of chemical-free fresh produce. MUTU Food is an entirely safe, healthy and beneficial eating plan for pregnancy, that is family friendly and easy to follow.

All MUTU Intensive workouts are high intensity, but low or no impact, and may be safe for your healthy low risk pregnancy provided moderate exercise has been recommended and approved by your Doctor. Please work within your comfort zone and read the guidelines for safe exercise during pregnancy (link below) carefully before embarking on any exercise program. There is no need to progress to Phase 4 of the Core Exercise or to adhere to the 12 week schedule – Phases 1-3 will be highly beneficial throughout your pregnancy, and you can save Phase 4 for your honed, postpartum stomach!

Please also be mindful of the guidelines and contraindications for exercise during pregnancy here. Read more articles on exercise and pregnancy here.

It’s never too late to make a difference – to get a stronger lower back, a more optimally functioning core and pelvic floor, and a flatter stomach. Your abdominal muscles are just like any other muscles – they just sit there when they’re not being used. They don’t go anywhere, or lose the ability to work… they just get weak. They may be tight or they may be slack, depending on your whole body alignment, but if they’re not being used, they are weak and ineffective.

MUTU System programs show you how to re-connect with, and restore, long-forgotten muscles, how to re-align your posture to train your core and pelvic floor muscles to work optimally and at full strength and flexibility, and how to make your stomach muscles lie flat. It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your last baby – MUTU can help.

Yes, MUTU System is entirely suitable and beneficial for post c-section or multiple birth. Our programs will help you to re-connect nerve pathways and regain sensitivity and tone around your scar site, by gently increasing circulation and movement to the traumatised area through specific abdominal exercise and massage. They will make your core stronger and more stable (i.e. so that your core supports your back properly and without pain) and restore tone and function to your stomach muscles.

The extent to which you can improve the excess skin often associated with multiple births, larger babies, extreme weight loss (inevitable when you have a baby!) and the ‘apron’ c-section scar site depends on many factors. Age, genetics and skin elasticity, nutrition, the extent of weight gain and loss, how many babies, how many surgeries… all of these will affect your body’s ability to heal and your stomach skin to firm up or ‘spring back’.

No exercise programme can eliminate loose skin, but MUTU System will benefit the looks and function of your stomach significantly – in terms of muscle function, strength, stability and fat loss. Read more on Exercise After C-Section here.

The MUTU System 12 Week Program includes high intensity, low impact workouts which you will build to 4 or more times per week, so all the toning, strengthening and heart-rate-raising work you need is in there! But if you wish to continue with other intensive workouts alongside MUTU, you need to monitor how your own body is reacting. You’ll learn more about self assessment in the program, but essentially, if you are completely stable and supported when you workout, then you’re probably fine to do that workout. But if you have a diastasis recti or a weak pelvic floor, if your stomach bulges or protrudes in any way, if you leak, if you get any back ache during or after, if you feel unsupported or unstable in any way… Then you’re not ready for that workout.

If you have hernia or prolapse (see further guidelines on these conditions below), if you have any discomfort or pain and definitely if you leak – then any other intensive exercise, especially running or high impact exercise, is NOT recommended.

If your diastasis is narrowing and especially, if the midline is firming as you progress through the program, then by all means, try it. If any of these issues start or reoccur, back up. Only you know how your body feels so be mindful of how it functions and feels, and go from there. MUTU System is not about being restrictive. The programs teach you to use your core in all workouts to stay strong. But you should only do anything high impact if your core can withstand it – no leaking, pooching, or discomfort during or after.

Some intensive exercise can make things worse if your core isn’t able to cope with that type of exercise yet. Ultimately, you will learn with MUTU to read your own body’s signals. We don’t have a list of do’s and don’ts… your body is telling you, you simply have to listen! Read more on ‘When You’re Ready to Crossfit, Plank Or Run’ here.

Any abdominal surgery you have had or are considering causes significant trauma, resulting in loss of sensitivity and necessitating healing. MUTU System core restoration exercises are gentle, restorative and will aid healing initially, then progress to strengthening with improved function and tone. Whilst surgery can ‘fix’, it won’t give function or strength, so pre or post-surgery are both a beneficial time to begin with MUTU Focus.

Obviously, you should follow the instructions of your surgeon and medical caregivers regarding when and how to exercise before and after surgery.

All intensive or high impact workouts should be avoided following surgery (as instructed by your doctor), but the gentle progression of core exercises, followed by a slow transition to no and low-impact exercises with an emphasis of alignment and core stability, will benefit your recovery and return to strength.

No exercise program can or should claim to cure or ‘fix’ a hernia or prolapse. These conditions should be diagnosed and treated according to your medical Doctor’s recommendations.

MUTU System core and breathing exercises, progressed gradually, mindfully and over time, are gentle, restoring and healing. They are likely to be an ideal complement to your Doctor’s recommendations. Intensive or high impact workouts should be avoided completely if you have hernia or prolapse. Only MUTU Focus, or the Core exercise sections (i.e. NOT the intensive workouts) of the 12 Week Program may be beneficial with your Doctor’s approval.

You should of course seek and follow your medical caregiver’s advice regarding diagnosis and options for treatment for these conditions. Severity and necessity of medical intervention vary widely and should be discussed with your doctor.

Hernia, prolapse and diastasis recti are all results of excessive intra-abdominal pressure. This means that your abdominal and pelvic cavity cannot withstand the pressure within, resulting in pushing away, out or down at the weakest points – such as your pelvic floor or the mid-line of your abdominal muscles. By adjusting your alignment to allow your body to support itself more effectively and your muscles to work optimally, along with learning to connect with and engage the deep muscles of your core and pelvic floor… you can enable your core to become stronger and more stable. Read more on Hernia here and more on Pelvic Organ Prolapse here.

If you suspect you have a hernia or prolapse please see your Doctor before commencing any exercise program. You may be referred to a specialist physiotherapist. More information on how to find a specialist Physical Therapist near you here. The MUTU System Focus Program is likely to be safe for you, but should be conducted only with your health care provider’s knowledge and blessing.

If you are suffering with hernia, pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or any pelvic or abdominal discomfort or pain, MUTU System Limited expressly recommends you do not start any exercise program without individual medical diagnosis and advice. Please see the ‘Medical Concerns’ section below.

Your post-pregnancy body, even your very postpregnancy body, may look and feel different to before you had children. But when is different “normal” and how do you know when something is just not right? How do you know when a specialist, but nonetheless non-prescribed exercise program such as MUTU System can help, and when you might need additional medical assessment and treatment. See ‘Your Post Baby Body. Whats Normal and What Isn’t’ here. If you are looking for more information on how to find a specialist Women’s Physiotherapist or Pelvic Physical Therapist near you, use the ‘Calling In The Pelvic Cavalry’ resource page.
Yes, the exercises in MUTU will help you. Everyone has the same abdominal muscles, everyone has a pelvic floor… However, the program is designed for the needs of the postpartum woman so you will find much of the context irrelevant. MUTU offers a holistic, whole body approach and the program teaches you how to assess your core strength and degree of abdominal separation, which exercises to avoid and why. If you accept that there will be parts of the program that don’t apply to you, then by all means join us! We recommend you seek your Doctor’s approval if you are considering MUTU for any medical reason or condition.
The MUTU App – A Million MUTU® Mama Workouts – is not the MUTU program in app form – it’s for after you’ve completed the program, or if your core is strong and functional and you don’t need the program! Our app is for Moms who have already restored their basic strength and core function and are now ready for high intensity home workouts – but without heading directly to bootcamp, running or high impact exercise which could compromise their healing.

The workouts in the app will not restore your core or help you to heal a diastasis or weak pelvic floor. You need the MUTU System program to do that first.

It comes out of ‘Mummy Tummy’. You say MooToo, not MuhTuh.

If you’re a Mummy, Mommy, Mama or any other word for describing any woman who has birthed a child in any way, and you have a midsection you’re not completely crazy about, then yes, MUTU is for you.

There are transcripts below all videos which will help explain each exercise to you and give you the key information discussed throughout the program. We also have PDF cheat sheets which show the exercises and how many reps you need to do for each.
MUTU System is currently available in English only.

What results can I expect?

First of course, we have to say this: Results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Full disclaimer included in our Terms here. Now please read on for some actually helpful answers to your questions! ;-)

MUTU Focus is designed to be followed over a minimum of 8 weeks, the MUTU System 12 Week program, a minimum of 12. As a general guide, you will start to feel the difference within 4 weeks and really start to see changes with 6-8 weeks, provided you are following all the program guidelines mindfully and consistently. Of course, the more mindfully and consistently your follow the program, the quicker and more noticeable will be the results.

We actively encourage members to progress at their own pace – there is no ‘behind’ or ‘failed’ in MUTU! If you didn’t do your MUTU thing for a while… just start back up again. The support forum will help you stay motivated and on track. Equally, there is absolutely no benefit to jumping ahead or rushing through. You’re given clear guidelines on how to know you’re ready for each progressive phase or workout.

Most of our members continue to incorporate the core and stretching work into their lifestyle way beyond the 12 weeks of the program. We don’t stop cleaning our teeth every day after 12 weeks and then expect them to say clean… so don’t stop doing what works! You’ll continue to see and feel improvements to the way your body looks and feels.

No exercise routine can or should guarantee to ‘treat’ or ‘fix’ every situation. In some situations of a severely compromised, stretched and weakened linea alba (the connective tissue between the 2 parts of muscle), surgery may be required for correct function and stability is to be restored. A bio-mechanical and ultrasound examination will be necessary to determine this and the decision should be based upon medical advice when the muscles have been unresponsive to a specific restorative exercise program.

A focused postpartum core restoration program will benefit your entire lumbopelvic region greatly, even where surgery is deemed necessary. Remember that diastasis recti is a result of inappropriate or ineffective loading on a compromised and weakened core, and of excessive intra abdominal pressure. The benefits of improving these issues with the right exercises, will be beneficial in all cases.

A small gap remaining is not significant provided the core has been strengthened and the mid-line is shallow and firm. Which it will be after MUTU! We focus on: Does your core work? Does your pelvic floor do its job? Is your stomach flatter and firmer and able to support your spine without pain or weakness? Do you look good, feel good and does it WORK? That’s more important than a finger measurement. Read more on ‘Why The Gap Isn’t Always The Problem’, as well as recent academic research on closing the gap, when surgery is necessary and restoring function here.

Stomach exercises alone don’t give you a flat stomach – doing the exercises… as well as re-aligning your posture, being functionally fit, eating the right food, balancing your hormones and reducing stress do.

MUTU System corrective abdominal exercises will give you a strong core and toned abs by strengthening your transverse abdominis muscle and your abdominal midline connective tissue and reducing a diastasis – which will flatten your tummy. But however many abdominal exercises you do, if you still have a few pounds of extra fat sitting on top, you won’t see the results of all your hard work. You need to lose belly fat to reveal those abs!

That’s why the MUTU System 12 Week Program is holistic – we’ve got your stomach covered from all angles! Read more on ‘The Foods That Really Make You Fat’ here and ‘How Hormones and Stress Affect Belly Fat Storage’ here.

MUTU System does not advocate binding or splinting your stomach as a solution to Diastasis Recti. MUTU System is based on the principle that ‘the gap’ is a symptom (not the root cause) of a compromised, weak core and a misaligned pelvis (inside and out). To focus on the gap only without addressing these fundamental issues, along with effective metabolic fat loss techniques… is not going to get you the tummy you’re after. If you choose to wear a wrap of some description postpartum for comfort and support, this is fine. But it is absolutely not an element of our program. We’re not Anti-‘comfort-or-support‘ – just Anti- ‘a-binder-will-fix-the-problem‘!

Read more on why MUTU System doesn’t require the use of a splint or binder here and recent research from respected Physiotherapist Diane Leewhich agrees that the binding or splinting approach for DR is in her opinion ‘not anatomically correct’.

How does it work?

Go HERE to help you choose the right program for you.

The MUTU System 12 Week Program is the ultimate coaching package of food guidance and safe fat burning workouts as well as total core and pelvic floor restoration and strengthening. It is the most holistic and beneficial program suitable for most Mamas. All of MUTU Focus is included within the 12 Week Program, you don’t need both. MUTU Focus is an alternative program option designed especially for women who want to avoid all intensive exercise, whether out of personal preference or for medical or other reasons. Don’t assume that if you already do other workouts, you’ve ‘got that covered’ and you only need Focus. If you intend to do any intensive exercise at all, go for the full 12 Week Program as it teaches you how to look after your core while you’re exercising!

Both programs are suitable post- c-section or natural delivery recovery, for breast-feeding / nursing moms and regardless of how long ago you had your baby. Both programs are suitable during a low risk, healthy pregnancy, where exercise has been approved by your Doctor.

As a global company our products are priced in $ US Dollars – but please don’t worry if this is not your native currency. Your card or PayPal account will be charged in your own currency. Please view our full Terms and Conditions of Sale here.

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It’s kinda awesome. CHECK IT OUT.
Online programs – no physical product is shipped and you get immediate online access – are available for worldwide sale from this website. You will be sent a unique username and password to access our membership site at immediately upon purchase.

You follow a series of highly instructive coaching videos and workouts over 8 weeks, 12 weeks, or in your own time. Both the 12 Week Program and Focus are available worldwide, online via our exclusive membership site at and for download to your laptop, tablet or mobile device. Materials include comprehensive video coaching, demos and real time workouts as well as full colour PDF guides to download and keep.

DVD – Our 12 Week Program is also offered on DVD at and

Online access is included so you can take your workouts with you wherever you go! If you purchased your DVD from Amazon, please go here to let us know who you are. The Focus Program is only available online (no DVD).

There is no expiration date. When you buy one of our digital programs – you get via our membership site, PLUS free access to future updates to your chosen program. That means you have full access to the program you have purchased with no time limit.
The Core workouts are the foundation of the program and should be done daily for optimum results. A complete MUTU Core (or Focus) workout takes you around 15 minutes. You don’t even have to the whole workout at once – you can do smaller slots of time if you want to, or if you have extra time, you can repeat your core workout later in the day.

You are encouraged to take a walk outside for at least 20 minutes every day.

The Intensive workouts are introduced in Week 3 of the 12 Week Program. These take 20-25 minutes to complete a high intensity home workout, and we suggest you aim to do these 3-4 times a week.

So Weeks 1 and 2: a daily 20 minute walk plus MUTU Core exercises for 15 minutes. From Week 3 onwards, you add in an Intensive workout at least 3 times over your week. You can always do more of any aspect of the program if you want to.

MUTU Focus is just the walk and the Core work – there are no intensive workouts.

Wendy uses a resistance band, a resistance band loop and a small inflatable ball throughout all the MUTU programs. You can purchase these items in the MUTU Kit Bag. This is all you need to get started. But you don’t NEED to buy equipment to follow the programs… a couple pair of tights, one tied in a knot plus your kid’s soccer ball will suffice!

Wendy’s favourite heavy weight to use is The Ugi® Ball, a cute, doubles-up-a-kid-seat, good looking, brightly coloured, heavy bean baggy thing that you won’t mind leaving in your living room.

A Swiss Ball / Balance Ball, and an exercise mat are also both useful as you progress for comfort and variety. These items are easily purchased at low cost from most department stores, large grocery stores, or of course from Amazon.

Don’t feel you need to rush out and buy everything right away! Start with the MUTU Kit Bag and add items gradually over time.

We offer a 100% Moneyback, Satisfaction Guarantee. If you feel that our Programs do not deliver what you expected, please email and tell us why you’re disappointed, and we’ll give you your money back. Simple as that. The full terms of our Money Back Guarantee and how to claim are here.

Medical Concerns

We really do appreciate your need for information and answers. Not understanding the way your body is reacting or feeling can be scary and upsetting. We want to help and provide all the resources we possibly can to help you. But we do ask you to appreciate that we cannot comment on your individual circumstances by personal email. We are unable to provide medical advice, opinion, diagnosis, treatment or medical services of any kind.

MUTU System provides restoration and fitness programs for healthy women. We are not Doctors and are not medically qualified to assess, diagnose or prescribe. Please see the MUTU System Limited Medical Disclaimer here. If you are concerned about any medical issue, we encourage you to follow the advice below to obtain an accurate and individualised assessment of your situation:

If you are in any pain, please consult with a medical doctor right away. If you are in any pain during or after exercise, please cease the activity immediately and do not return to it until you have consulted with a medical Doctor. Put simply, if something hurts, stop doing it and don’t do it again until you have been assessed by, and agreed a course of action with, your Doctor.
If you have unexplained discomfort or lack of function anywhere in your abdomen or pelvis, we strongly recommend you consult with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist or Pelvic Physical Therapist for individual assessment, diagnosis and movement prescription. This page gives you detailed information on how to know when you may need specialist help, and how to find it. If you are suffering with SPD, PGP, hernia or prolapse, or if your diastasis or connective tissue is not responding to the consistent practice of the MUTU restorative work, then an individual assessment by a medically trained, specialist Physical Therapist is recommended. We cannot advise beyond the scope of our programs. Please be assured that MUTU is recommended by Physical Therapists around the world and that we actively encourage you to share the program with your medical caregiver to have them help you with appropriate adaptations or omissions.

If you are suffering with hernia, pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or any pelvic or abdominal discomfort or pain, MUTU System Limited expressly recommends you do not start any exercise program without individual medical diagnosis and advice. We are always happy to discuss the content of our programs with medical professionals.

You undertake any exercise regime at your own risk. Please read our medical disclaimer here. If you are unsure for any reason at all about your suitability for an exercise program, please consult with your Doctor before purchase and before commencing any exercise.

MUTU System Limited (nor its officers, employees or representatives) do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or medical services of any kind. We make no promises, assurances, warranties and/or representations that our Products (or any part of them) will treat, control or cure any particular disease, health problem or health related condition.

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Alternatively, the 12 Week Program is available on DVD – a great option if you have slow internet access and can’t stream videos!

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