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A MUTU Pro is certified to teach MUTU System within their classes or one-to-one sessions. Personally trained by Wendy, our MUTU Pros are an incredible resource of specialist professionals – certified Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Doulas and Physiotherapists – who will guide you through the MUTU exercises so vital for re-building your core.

They’ll ensure you’re truly benefitting from your workouts and modify your exercises based on your individual needs, keep you motivated, and most importantly, help you get the very most out of your online program.

Are you a fitness professional interested in becoming a MUTU Pro? Go here to sign up and find out more.

Important: The opinions or recommendations expressed by a certified MUTU Pro™ are their own and do not reflect the view, advice or opinion of MUTU® System Limited. Certified MUTU Pro’s are not employees, consultants, agents and/or representatives of MUTU System.

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Photo of Nicole Atwood
Nicole Atwood
CPT, Pre & Post Natal Certified
Home Northern Utah USA Work Phone: 435-890-3050 Certification: 16th June 2016

Biographical Info

I’m Nicole! I am certified as a personal trainer with additional certifications in prenatal/postnatal fitness as well as being a MUTU Pro. I may be a trainer but I feel more like a personal cheerleader, because that is what I love to do, cheer my clients on in their own personal journeys to healing and happiness! From my own personal experience with diastasis recti (MUTU Mama all the way!) I realized that traditional exercise and fitness techniques were not enough, something was missing. Through my training in MUTU, the study of breathing and alignment, and the importance of everyday movement, I found those missing pieces.

I teach my clients how to reconnect to their bodies through correct breathing, muscle recruitment and activation, and proper alignment. This is the way to true healing and I have seen it time and again in the lives of my clients as well as my own. I am so passionate about being an advocate for postpartum women and I love being a part of my fellow mamas journeys; to see self-confidence, self-peace, and self-love bloom again!


Services Offered

Individual Personal Training (In person and Online)
Individual MUTU Program Coaching (In person and Online)
Group MUTU Program Coaching (In person and Online)

Online Training Available
Profession: Personal Trainer
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Photo of Bill Bitz
Bill Bitz
CPT Busy Life Fitness
Work Orlando, Florida USA Cell Phone: (407)383-9947 Work Phone: (305)985-2879 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Busy Life Fitness

Biographical Info

I’m a graduate from the National Personal Training Institute.  I graduated with honors and have a passion for fitness.  Before I became a trainer I worked in customer service for 15 years.  I understand what it takes to keep a client motivated and satisfied.  My philosophy on fitness is not only to burn calories, but to improve daily living activities.  Functional and total body fitness is my goal with every session.  I have a family of my own with two young children so I can relate to the lack of time and energy for yourself.  If you need a coach, motivator, trainer, or just a friend that can get on the right path give me a call and I can help.

Services Offered

Core Strengthening inspired by MUTU®
Personal Training
Small Group Training

All new clients that mention that you found me through MUTU Pro™ receive a 10% discount off of your first session or package.

Profession: Personal Trainer
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Photo of Kaye Burrows
Kaye Burrows
Core Love
Home Edmonton Alberta Canada Cell Phone: 7806901280 Certification: 11th November 2016 Website: Core Love Website

Biographical Info


I am a Mom to 3 and so so so believe that being my best as a mother also means feeling great in my body.  When I am strong, pain-free and confident I have the patience, stamina and energy to be the mother I want to be for my kids.  I fell in love with the MUTU Program after my second baby was born.  It was the first program I found that didn’t tell me I needed to be a “Hot Mama, Sexy again, or Bounce Back”.   The MUTU Program is about feeling strong and healing your body so you can be the best YOU.

If you are pregnant or have already given birth, this program will teach you everything your doctor may not, about your body and how to prepare for birth and recover well.  I am here to coach you through the exercises to make sure you are getting it right, cheer you on when you are feeling overwhelmed  and let you know that you are not alone in this.  Motherhood is HARD and I want to help you make sure you take care of yourself as well as your family.  Congrats Mama- you are great!

Services Offered

Personal Training
Group Classes

Profession: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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Photo of Rafaela Rosa Carneiro de Oliveira
Rafaela Rosa Carneiro de Oliveira
Woman’s Health Physical Therapist ReAlign
Work Brasília Brasil Cell Phone: +55 61 99959-8662 Cell Phone: +55 61 98117-2722 Home Phone: +55 61 3526-1840 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Website

Biographical Info

Hello! I’m a Brazilian women’s health physical therapist. My journey started in 2005 when I did my first post graduation in this area. After that, I did a doula’s course to help woman during labour. After the delivery stage I found out that women needed to focus not just on their babies, but on themselves too; they needed to be taken care off as well. I have studied a lot and seen more than 5000 clients, and the pelvic floor and abdomen area were always something women wanted to work on. Due to my culture my clients also wanted a comfortable girdle to wear after birth, which I created for them and it has been a great success. Now I’m very glad be a MUTU Pro! Along with all the other courses I have taken it has become a perfect tool to organize my thoughts and has made my assistance to women more simple and organized! Women are happy and confident about the way they are eating and exercising, they understand their issues and know how to take better care of themselves!

Services Offered

Physical Therapist, Doula, Acupuncturist, Dunstan Baby Language Instructor

Profession: Physical Therapist
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Photo of Jade Crowden
Jade Crowden
Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.
Home Leicestershire United Kingdom Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Be Strong Happy

Biographical Info

Hi, I’m Jade. I’m a Mother of two awesome small humans and I’m really passionate about MUTU!

My MUTU journey started in 2013 following the birth of my son. I realised that I had diastasis recti and compromised pelvic floor function and it just wasn’t healing by itself. I discovered MUTU and purchased the program as a customer. I followed the program, pausing and restarting several times due to a lower back injury that kept repeating itself. Eventually I completed the program and the strength and body confidence that MUTU gave me inspired me to become a Personal Trainer so that I could help other women to achieve the same for themselves. I studied part-time alongside working in a job that I love in the corporate world and also doing my most important job – as a Mother! I went on to complete pre and post-natal exercise certification whilst pregnant with my second baby.

Pregnancy-related complications forced me to rest completely until after the birth of my daughter in 2017 and I then started the MUTU Program again. This time around I faced even greater challenges in regaining strength and function due to a weakened body and giving birth to a larger baby than my first. MUTU is really helping me and working beautifully once again. I love the fact that MUTU gives you everything that you need to do and think about all in one program – so important for busy Mums, even those of us who are Personal Trainers! If you’re interested, you can find more details of my journey on my blog.

My sessions with clients always include a focus on breathing and mindfulness as well as physical movement because I really believe that a strong mind and a strong body working together make a happy person.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about me, have a great day!

Services Offered

MUTU Program with a Certified MUTU Pro
Personal Training - one-to-one and small groups
Fitness, nutrition and wellbeing workshops
Nutrition advice
Certified in designing pre and postnatal exercise programmes

Online Training Available
Profession: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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Photo of Karen Davidge
Karen Davidge
Chartered Physiotherapist, CSP, HCPC. Intentional Physiotherapy
Home Horsham, West Sussex United Kingdom Work Phone: 07483225562 Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Intentional Physiotherapy

Biographical Info

Hello wonderful Mums,   I am Karen Davidge a Chartered Physiotherapist and  MUTU Pro based in Horsham, West Sussex, UK.  I work out of my own home based clinic.

Nothing prepared me for the life changing adjustments that came with motherhood especially the physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual changes.

When I found MUTU it immediately gave me the comprehensive guidance I was searching for, giving me back confidence in my body and within myself.  As a Physiotherapist I now feel so privileged to promote and coach MUTU to fellow mums.

I believe in not just treating “symptoms” but in really getting to the root of an issue or imbalance in your body. My sessions and treatments are focused at guiding mums to rebuild strong foundations so you can positively flourish onwards into the future.

MUTU will inspire you as a mum to prioritise time to take care of ‘YOU’ again so you can in turn be a stronger, happier, more confident mum.

Wendy Powell is passionate, inspirational and refreshingly authentic.  This culture flows down through the rest of the MUTU Team and through all the MUTU Pros  –  so whichever Pro you choose you will always be well looked after .

I am looking forward to hearing from you, very soon.

Services Offered

Physiotherapy :
- Musculoskeletal
- Soft Tissue Therapy
- Alignment - postural imbalances

MUTU coaching :
- One to one sessions
- MUTU Program classes coming soon (contact me to find out details and dates).

Profession: Physiotherapist
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Photo of Erin N. DeLucia-Benson
Erin N. DeLucia-Benson
Pilates Instructor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, AADP, BA Erin DeLucia-Benson Pilates and Holistic Health
Work New York City, New York USA Cell Phone: 585-309-9267 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Erin DeLucia-Bensen

Biographical Info


After my second birth I studied with MUTU® to restore my pelvic floor and correct a diastasis resulting from two pregnancies.  I am looking forward to offering MUTU® programs beginning in June 2016.  “My goal is to reach women seeking guidance to a healthier life.  As a Health Coach I have developed a program to support proper digestion.  Gut health is the root cause of all disease, and I am here to support you in your journey to optimal digestion. Pilates saved my body from injury when I was a college student, it allowed me to continue pursuing my dance career.  It can help anyone in any condition improve and restore, I will design a program with your specific needs in mind. I have a new found passion for prenatal fitness and postnatal fitness, rehab, and recovery. Going through it myself, struggling with a diastasis, and realizing the huge lack of care for women post birth has inspired me to learn and become a MUTUPro™.  I am eager and ready to help women everywhere restore pelvic floor function and gain strength and confidence after birth.” New Clients that book a session through MUTUPro™ will receive 10% off of the consultation fee.

I  earned a BA in Dance from Point Park University in 2002 and moved to NYC in 2003 to persue my dance career. I have been a member of Chris Ferris & Dancers since 2004, and with Tina Croll and Company since 2007.  I became a certified Pilates instructor in 2005, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in 2010, Iam a member of the AADP and the owner of Erin DeLucia-Benson Pilates and Holistic Health offering private and group Pilates Instruction, pre and postnatal fitness as well as nutritional coaching. I also a mother of two, Grant(2008)and Ruby(2011).

Services Offered

Holistic Nutrition
Prenatal Pilates
Postnatal Pilates

Profession: Pilates Instructor
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Photo of Tish Dodson
Tish Dodson
AiM, RYS, LITYM Jiva Health Ltd
Work Wimbledon London United Kingdom Cell Phone: +447887850882 Anniversary: 16th June 2016 Website: Jiva Health Website: Grove Pilates

Biographical Info

I certified as a yoga teacher in 2008 and my fascination in healing the body has led me to train in the incredible Thai yoga massage,  Restorative Breathing (restoring movement through breathing), the Pelfix technique (for Pelvic Floor issues) and Anatomy in Motion (physical therapy using movement to treat pain, tension and re-align the body – to make immediate corrections to gait patterns).  I founded Jiva Health, a natural healing centre in London offering yoga, pilates and treatments offering both ancient therapies and the very latest anatomical approach to healing the body.

Services Offered

Gait Therapy (Anatomy in Motion)

Profession: Other, Yoga Teacher
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Photo of Chalnessa Eames
Chalnessa Eames
Home Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Cell Phone: 2044308105 Certification: 11th November 2016 Website: My Fituals

Biographical Info

I am a bundle of endless energy and intense passion for getting people to move their bodies. After, years of being a professional dancer I was ready turn my focus onto my family. After having my beautiful baby girl and a big move far from my friends, I was hungry to get my body moving again but in a slightly different capacity. What started as one on one training with a friend, quickly turned to creating my own class for the friends that surrounded me and has kept growing since. My training style is not much different then the years I spent in this studio, meaning daily. Moving my own and others bodies is my RITUAL, I love it and I love the people that choose to move with me.

I obtained my NASM CPT, 200-hour HATHA YOGA and Kids yoga, all to bring new ideas to my own fitness class. After coming across the same conversation over and over about postpartum symptoms and I knew I needed to learn more. I am so happy to add MUTU to my tool box and share with all that I can, empowering moms to feel confident, connected and strong.


Services Offered

Personal Training

Online Training Available
Profession: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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Photo of Connie Eberhart
Connie Eberhart
Sacred Embodiment | Re-membering Your Sacred Body
Home Los Angeles, California 90266 USA Cell Phone: 310-774-6422 Certification: 11th November 2016 Website: Sacred Embodiment

Biographical Info

I have always had a passion for knowledge and wisdom that is experienced and expressed through the body.  The work that I do today, as an Embodiment Educator, combines my 20+ years of experience as both a teacher and student of women’s health, fitness, wellness and personal development.

During my 20’s and 30’s, I worked as a Personal Trainer. For the last 20 years, I have also worked in the field of Experiential Education, assisting others to experience and explore the edges and capacities of  what is possible, in their bodies and in their lives. This has provided me with very valuable experience in working with both the mechanics and workings of the body, as well as the dynamics of personal development and behavior patterns. Essentially….the convergence of body, mind, heart and spirit.

As I entered my 40’s, I became particularly interested in the importance of core and pelvic health. I also recently became certified as a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker. It is my belief that a woman’s capacity for health and wellbeing, and EMPOWERMENT in all facets of her life, are very much influenced by the attention – and intention – that she places in this most sacred area.

I was so excited to have found Wendy Powell’s MUTU System, and am loving incorporating this program into my work!

I invite you to visit my website to learn more. And do please also reach out to me so that we can explore how we may work together!

Services Offered

Embodiment Coaching
Women's Core and Pelvic Health
Somatic Sex Education
Sexological Bodywork
Women's Sexual Wellness

Profession: Other
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Photo of Suzie Edwards
Suzie Edwards
CPT, GFI AlphaMamas Fitness
Work Colorado Springs Colorado 80920 USA Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: AlphaMamas Fitness

Biographical Info

Hello and welcome! I am the owner/creator of ALPHAmamas Fitness as well as a distance runner and a personal trainer specializing in postpartum fitness.   I am also the mom of twins!  Before becoming a Certified MUTU Pro™, I was a MUTU® customer.  I discovered MUTU in 2014 when I developed diastasis recti after my twins were born.  Like many other new mamas, I felt frustrated and hopeless about my postpartum condition.  I just wanted to feel like myself again! I wanted to run far and lift heavy without feeling pain or weakness or core instability.   I also wanted to flatten my baby belly.  MUTU System™ was my answer!  MUTU changed my life, my body, my tummy and my entire well-being.

Becoming a Certified MUTU Pro was the perfect complement to ALPHAmamas Fitness because it allows me to bring my clients the very best knowledge and the greatest results.   I have been studying/researching postpartum exercise, core restoration, whole-body alignment, and functional movement for over 2 years.  I am passionate about helping other mamas restore core function, feel strong and confident and achieve the same amazing results that I did during my postpartum fitness journey.  I understand the fitness struggles that new motherhood brings, and I can tell you, there is hope!   Whether you’re looking to run a marathon (I have a clinic for that!) or just chase your kids around the house, I’d love to help you restore fitness and function and achieve your fitness goals!  Let’s go mama, you got this.

Services Offered

Personal Training
Postpartum Running Clinic
MUTU System coaching (group classes and individual training available)

Profession: Personal Trainer
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Photo of Lana Firestone
Lana Firestone
Aligned Pilates and Wellness, LLC.
Work Bel Air, Maryland USA Work Phone: 443-528-8278 Certification: 16th June 2016

Biographical Info


My original passion was law and I have a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminology.  Although I had plans to attend law school, plans quickly took a turn when I became pregnant with my first daughter! I had the opportunity to stay home with her and decided that was the best choice for me at the time. Fast forward to the birth of my second daughter and lots of relocating due to my husbands job, I found myself out of shape and in need of improving my health.

I found Pilates in 2002 and was instantly hooked! It was strength, flexibility and endurance.  A whole body focused workout wrapped into one lovely package and efficient in my limited time as a busy and tired mom!  In 2004 I decided to pursue a long and vigorous certification in Pilates.  2 years and over 700 hours of observation later, I became certified in Romanas Pilates®.  After a physical trauma myself, as well as working with a mostly female clientele (many of them also mothers) I began to realize the lack of knowledge/help available regarding womens health issues.  I also became more aware of the superficial connection with our “core”.

While researching womens health, particularly pelvic floor disorders and diastasis recti, I found MUTU!  I quickly connected with this program as it is very complimentary to Pilates. Studying MUTU has provided a wonderful tool to evolve my teaching of Pilates. During this time I also learned that there is a population of women much larger than I even imagined that are looking for help in restoring their bodies.  When the opportunity to become a MUTU Pro became available I knew I wanted to play a bigger part in this awesome program and I am excited to offer this additional service to my clients.

Come see me!

Services Offered

Romanas Pilates® certified instructor

Profession: Pilates Instructor
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Photo of Dottie Fong
Dottie Fong
Home Wilton, New Hampshire 03086 USA Work Phone: 603-654-9697 Certification: 11th November 2016 Website: Dottie Fong – Wellness Guru

Biographical Info

I’ve been a Massage Therapist and Wellness Coach since 1998.  Teaching people about their bodies has always been my passion. But the most rewarding aspect of working with my clients has been empowering them with techniques and the confidence to apply them. The combination of Maya Abdominal Massage and MUTU is perfect for both women and men in keeping their bodies healthy and functioning through every stage of life.


Services Offered

Massage Therapy, Maya Abdominal Massage, Cranio-Sacral

Profession: Massage Therapist
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Photo of Emma Fullwood
Emma Fullwood
Ante and Postnatal fitness certified The Supercharged Club
Work Ora Fitness Studio 131a Stockwell Lodge Conway Street Hove East Sussex Brighton BN3 3LW United Kingdom Home Phone: 07917113747 Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Supercharged Club Website: Superchargedclub mamas group

Biographical Info

Mums need a body that works, it shouldn’t be about returning to the treadmill 6 weeks after giving birth. We should all think of our bodies like an athlete would and slowly repair, reconnect and re-align our bodies after the birth.

Pregnancy is the only trauma our body goes through where the majority of mums don’t spend time healing.

I want to educate ALL mums in my local community to learn what the doctors haven’t told them about postnatal aftercare. Caring for little ones can be exhausting and therefore I look at a woman’s whole well being – body and mind. Those little ones soon become heavy big ones and that’s often when those aches and pains and leaks that have been ignored start to become an issue. Our bodies can’t talk, so leaking, aches and pains are its only way of communicating with you. I want ALL mums to be able to run, jump, climb with their growing kids without feeling like they are going to wet themselves or getting out of breath.

Caring for a baby is hard work, but caring for a toddler is actually a very energetic job! Lifting them, carrying them, pushing their pram uphill, carrying the pram, pushing them on the swing etc etc. I want all mums to be fit for purpose.

My classes combine pilates exercises that are safe for Diastasis Recti as well as pelvic floor exercise, alignment and breathing techniques to get the body working as one again. I also teach functional fitness as well as strenght training for optimal body awareness and sculpting.

The pregnant body is for 9 months, the postpartum body is for life. Check out my website for the next available courses or contact me via email to chat further about your needs.

Services Offered

Ante natal fitness courses

Postnatal level 1 courses - Education in pelvic floor, alignment and fitness for the new mum

Postnatal Level 2 courses - For the mum that wants increase her fitness further now that her body is ready

Drop in fitness and well being classes for mums of all abilities

Postnatal Pilates

Profession: Pilates Instructor
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Photo of Ashley Gammon
Ashley Gammon
CPT BeYoutiful Within
Home Rochester Hills, Michigan USA Cell Phone: 248-961-9435 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: BeYoutiful Within

Biographical Info

Hello, my name is Ashley Gammon.

I am a certified personal trainer through the American Counsel on Exercise and a MUTU Pro. I am a military wife and mama to my three beautiful daughters, ages 3, 6, and 7.  I began my fitness journey over three years ago after our third child and was constantly troubled with abdominal pain and GI issues that no Doctor could seem to fix. It wasn’t until I discovered the MUTU System® that I finally felt like I had found a solution to my problems. This is why I am so passionate about this program and excited to guide you on the path to a strong, healthy pelvic floor and core.

So if you are looking to change the way you think and feel about your body you have come to the right place!  This is the beginning of a new you!  Excited to be on this journey with you.

Services Offered

1. One-on-One Sessions
2. Small Group Sessions

Profession: Personal Trainer
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Photo of Jennifer Gibson
Jennifer Gibson
BSc., CSCS Alive in Motion
Work Fort St. John & Salmon Arm, British Columbia Canada Work Phone: 2502648885 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Alive in Motion

Biographical Info

Active in the health, fitness & sport world since 1999, I am passionate about empowering those around me to believe in themselves to live the life they desire. With a background in exercise physiology & biomechanics, I have trained & tested athletes, fire fighters, mums, dads and seniors and love working with young kids to develop physical literacy skills. I was a former national ranked speed skater, wildland fire fighter (who rappelled from helicopters) and a half ironman athlete. I understand the commitment and dedication to be a super healthy fit woman but also experienced how fast it can all change.

After the arrival of my two little humans, my realistic vision on living an active lifestyle and fitness changed. I didn’t just ‘bounce’ back as I expected. Struggling, diagnosed with diastasis recti, dealing with postpartum hormones, two c-sections and a diet full of jujubes & coffee I sought out help and stumbled upon the MUTU System. *It was a life changing moment!*

My mission has become to help women of all ages discover themselves, feel good about who they are and educate them on the proper exercises for their pre and post baby journey. I want to empower women to be that confident fit mama they aspire to be and to discover what they are capable of. Help guide women with the tools they need to restore their core function, realign the body and not be scared to be able to move and play with their kids. I am a busy mum, my life is a journey full of
superhero adventures, farm chores and chaos most days but I understand that to be at my best I need to *take good care of ME first* (a glass of wine for survival some days but being physically active and eating healthy is my priority). I am excited to help motivate and support *YOU* on your journey and be a part of this amazing MUTU Pro team.

Services Offered

one on one and group personal training, coaching and consulting
pre natal and postpartum core and fitness classes
athlete testing and sports conditioning training

Class dates and locations to be announced soon.
Personal training and coaching available in person and online consultations. Please contact for more information.

Profession: Strength and Conditioning Specialist
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Photo of Krissy Michelle Gillay
Krissy Michelle Gillay
Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Spin Instructor, Metabolic Nutrition Gillay Nutritional Gym
Home Washtenaw Michigan USA Work Phone: 734-260-1700 Certification: 11th November 2016 Website: Gillay Nutritional Gym Website

Biographical Info

Hi, I’m Krissy!

I am a mother of three girls and I have been doing MUTU System for over four years.  I myself struggled with diastasis recti, weak pelvic floor, being overweight and just feeling not well in general.  I decided I need a change and became certified in metabolic nutrition and training.

Metabolic nutrition and training works with hormones versus against hormones, to lose weight and become healthy.  I have a passion for lifting heavy, spinning, and working with women.

As a Mom we tend to always put ourselves last and I know how hard it can be to find time for yourself as well as your loved ones.  I will coach you every step of the way and show you it’s never an all-or-nothing approach.  You can be a wonderful Mom and still feel good and have the body you desire.  I will teach you what to eat for your body, effective exercises that will burn fat and get your core/pelvic floor back on board so you can feel like you again.  No two people are the same and that’s why I individualize your program for you.  My business is unique where I can coach you in person or 100% online from anywhere in the world.  The journey is yours, you just have to leap!

Services Offered

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Online Training Available
Profession: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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Photo of Andreja Gulič
Andreja Gulič
Work Kosovelova ulica 4b Slovenija Sežana 6210 Slovenija Cell Phone: 0038631758100 Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Website: Rešilko Program

Biographical Info

Hi, I’m Andreja! I am a primary school teacher and also certified as a NCSF, AFP personal trainer with additional certifications in prenatal/postnatal fitness as well as being a MUTU Pro.

I am a mom of two girls and I experienced two totally different pregnancies and two different deliveries (vaginal and Caesarean). Following my first pregnancy I had a huge diastasis, which I managed to repair and become a strong, active mom again.

I really believe that being my best as a mother, also means feeling great in my body – a body that actually works. When I am strong, pain-free and confident in my own skin, I have the patience, stamina and energy to be the mother I want to be for my kids.

Now, I have my own M+ CENTER, where I can help you too. To become the best version of YOU.

M+ Center is in Sežana, near the Italian border. I can also speak Italian, Croatian and Serbian, so if you are far from Slovenija, we can connect via Skype and start your journey of reconnecting with your body too.


Online Training Available
Profession: Personal Trainer
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Photo of Rebecca Haroutunian
Rebecca Haroutunian
Home Brighton East Sussex United Kingdom Work Phone: 07980314345 Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: BN1 Pilates

Biographical Info

I believe that every postpartum woman can get their body feeling much like its old self and perhaps even better. I’m a fully qualified STOTT Pilates instructor and pre and post natal exercise specialist and have incorporated MUTU System into my classes, courses and one-to-ones. My aim is to help postnatal women feel happy with their post baby bodies.

MUTU System can really help do just that. I first discovered MUTU after I had my second daughter. I had a diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and found that the advice available about safe and effective postnatal exercise was really lacking. I wanted to educate myself about the optimal exercises to do after having a baby.

One of the biggest myths is that after your six week doctor’s check you can go back to the exercise you did before, like running, circuits, crunches and planks. However, your alignment and posture inevitably changes during pregnancy. For example, the baby weight pulls your spine forwards and tips your pelvis. Exercising on a misaligned skeleton will only exacerbate any issues.

Also, intense exercise on an already weakened pelvic floor isn’t a great idea. It will most likely put extra strain on the area and could increase pelvic floor dysfunction like incontinence or prolapse.

This is where MUTU works so well. It shows you how to re-connect with, and restore, long-forgotten muscles, how to re-align your posture to train your core and pelvic floor muscles to work optimally and at full strength and flexibility, and how to make your stomach muscles lie flat. It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your last baby. For example, complications such as diastasis recti, don’t just happen in the months after pregnancy, but often well beyond two years, and MUTU can help.

MUTU compliments my training as a Pilates teacher. I work with clients to get a stronger lower back, a more optimally functioning core and pelvic floor which in turn helps to flatten the stomach. Also, MUTU offers a really good lifestyle balance, sensible eating, core exercises and workouts which can be modified for everyone.

I feel that there is a real need for better postnatal care and I look forward to helping as many women as possible.




Services Offered

Online training available
MUTU Program coaching (one to ones available, courses coming soon)
MUTU one to one assessment
Beginners Pilates
Prenatal and postnatal Pilates

Online Training Available
Profession: Pilates Instructor
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Photo of Bonnie Henry
Bonnie Henry
Work YMCA Vicksburg, Mississippi USA Cell Phone: 601-218-2532 Certification: 16th June 2016

Biographical Info

Bonnie holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Mississippi.  Although her background is in engineering, healthy living and fitness have always been passions of hers.  So much so, she became a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer almost seven years ago and began teaching group fitness classes at her local YMCA.  Her main goal was to share her passion with others and assist people in reaching their wellness goals.

After experiencing the joys of pregnancy for herself and all the changes that came with prenatal and postnatal fitness, she became even more dedicated to helping women maintain their health goals throughout pregnancy and beyond.  Bonnie currently serves as the Group Fitness Coordinator at Purks YMCA in Vicksburg, MS where she has the joy of helping women reach their fitness goals on a daily basis.

Services Offered

Personal Training
Group Fitness Training

Profession: Fitness Instructor
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Photo of Toni House
Toni House
Personal trainer Toni House Personal Training
Home Poole Dorset United Kingdom Home Phone: 07961007077 Certification: 14th September 2017

Biographical Info

Hi, lovely to meet you.

So, my name is Toni, I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer with a passion for bringing the absolute best out in all the ladies I have the privilege to meet.

I’m a mum of three, have followed MUTU System myself after my third child two and a half years ago.  I didn’t feel myself, nothing seemed to be working as is should, I was shocked when I’d sneeze or pick up my baby and found I was leaking.  I thought an alien was going to pop out of my stomach when I sat up to get out the bath and this doming appeared.  I wasn’t going to accept this was how I was going to be, I found MUTU and the healing began.

I now have minimal leaks, my diastasis is 2 fingers and strong.  I’ve competed in bikini fitness shows and have such a passion for finding the right way to help other beautiful ladies see that beauty in themselves again, from regaining their strength within, to having confidence in their bodies, functioning well from the inside and able to conquer anything life has to offer on the outside.

I also teach ZUU.  It’s a whole body mobility, injury prevention training.  So it gets the body to move as it should, not just the forward and backward, straight up and straight down.  We use primal movement to strengthen wrists and ankles, to open up hips and help free the lower back and shoulders.  And the heart rate gets raised as a little bonus!

Looking forward to being a part of the incredible journeys that may come my way.

T xx

Services Offered

Personal Training, ZUU Training.

Online Training Available
Profession: Personal Trainer
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Photo of Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes
DPT Nurture Mother
Work Rowley, Massachusetts USA Work Phone: 978-432-1277 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Nature Mother Prenatal and Post-Partum Fitness

Biographical Info

My journey into women’s health began 12 years ago in PT school.  After graduation I spent much of my time working in a variety of healthcare settings, but always found myself fascinated by pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum health.  It wasn’t until I became pregnant with our daughter that I truly appreciated how much changes in a woman’s mind, body and soul.  Like many women, I struggled with fatigue, back pain, digestive issues, and decreased self-esteem after giving birth.  I wondered why my body wasn’t “bouncing back”, and fueled my new-mom fatigue with caffeine, sugar and albeit a touch of disappointment.

When I could no longer tolerate bending over to change my daughter, I knew something needed to change.  Enter, MUTU. The MUTU System has helped me regain strength, confidence, energy, and balance.  The magic of MUTU is that it is so much more than an exercise program.  It’s a network of moms, it’s a platform for healing, it’s a program that treats the whole you. I am honored to be a part of the team, and so excited to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Services Offered

Physical Therapy, Prenatal and Postpartum fitness, Childbirth Education

Profession: Physical Therapist
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Photo of Stasia Humphreys
Stasia Humphreys
Alignment Specialist Certified by Egoscue University, Certified Foundation Training Instructor Pain Free Clinic of Denver
Home Centennial, Colorado USA Home Phone: 303-905-1832 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Pain Free Clinic of Denver

Biographical Info

Stasia Humphreys is the owner of the Pain Free Clinic of Denver and an alignment and functional movement specialist with three certifications: The Egoscue University, Foundation Training and mostly recently a certified MUTU Pro™! All three of these programs are very complementary and will greatly benefit postpartum women and just about anybody in pain. Here’s Stasia’s story…

Up until 3 years ago I was a businesswoman who enjoyed the business world and loved the outdoors and exercise in general. I had no idea what alignment and functional movement even were…and my posture was terrible! Who knew that my misaligned body would take such a beating in a skiing accident, followed by knee surgery and a “random” stretch which was the straw that broke the camel’s back causing a great deal of pain in my neck, shoulders and back. After two years of unsuccessfully trying to alleviate my pain multiple modalities, muscle relaxers, NSAIDS and more I found The Egoscue Method through a friend.

Through the Egoscue Method I learned the root of my pain was compensation and dysfunction throughout the body! The solution was simple and easy; I needed to retrain my muscles to perform the functions they were designed to perform. I never thought doing such simple exercises for a short period each day could have such an incredible impact on reducing and then eliminating the chronic pain I’d endured for years.

More recently I’ve worked to become certified in Foundation Training. What an amazing program! Foundation Training has helped me and countless others not only improve alignment but also strengthen the body in all the right places to sustain proper alignment. My back and body in general haven’t felt this strong in a long time and I can confidently say all of my life activity from breathing (yes breathing!) to running, lifting things, bending, gardening and more have vastly improved.

Most recently my good friend Suzie, owner of Alpha Mama’s, introduced me to MUTU System™ and I see the great need for women of all ages to have good information and healing answers for pelvic floor troubles, Diastasis Recti and misalignment in general.

I am passionate about helping people get out of pain an improve alignment and agility in the sports and activities they love through corrective exercise and functional movement! Come visit me at the Pain Free Clinic of Denver and try out the some of classes I teach at the Goodson and Lone Tree Recreational Centers.

Services Offered

Corrective exercises to alleviate pain and improve alignment and functional movement.

Profession: Other
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Photo of Elaine Kirton
Elaine Kirton
MCSP HCPC Private Practice OutpatientsMusculoskeletal/ Orthopaedic
Work Kirton Physiotherapy Gloucestershire United Kingdom Work Phone: +44 (0)785 505 6769 Work Phone: THC 01454 322232 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Kirton Physiotherapy: Recover Rehab Retrain

Biographical Info

Chartered Physiotherapist in South West England, qualified in 1998 from UWE, Bristol. Elaine has worked within the NHS (7 yrs), MoD for the Army (8 yrs) & Private Practice since the end of 2012. Specialising in Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation / post operative Orthopaedic. She works locally in Gloucestershire and internationally for GB Rowing.

BSc (HONS) Sport Science Graduated in 1991 from Liverpool Polytechnic.

Sports Massage Diploma 2005

Western style Acupuncture 2006

Services Offered

Western style Acupuncture
Sports Massage Therapy

Profession: Physiotherapist
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Photo of Liezel Kooyman
Liezel Kooyman
Pilates Teacher Pilates with Liezel
Work Surrey United KingdomWork Kingston-Upon-Thames United Kingdom Cell Phone: +44 7748037805 Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Pilates with Liezel

Biographical Info

I certified as a Pilates teacher in 2010. This is when I discovered my passion for human anatomy, physiology and movement.

I am certified in pre and postnatal Pilates and have completed a number of other courses including Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies through Body Arts and Science Institute and Anatomy in Motion (AiM is a form physical therapy using movement to treat pain, tension and re-align the body to make immediate corrections to gait patterns).

I am also a Mum to a very busy little boy and I found MUTU through my own postpartum recovery, having struggled with SPD during pregnancy and ending up having an emergency cesarean.

MUTU was truly amazing and made me feel like myself again!  Therefore I am passionate about educating and helping women with their postpartum recovery, helping to restore their core and overall strength ensuring you feel more confident while performing everyday tasks and doing life, a super busy life as a Mum!

Services Offered

Gait therapy (AiM)

Online Training Available
Profession: Pilates Instructor
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Photo of Jean Ligon
Jean Ligon
Physical Therapist, Professional Yoga Therapist, MUTU Pro
Home Lexington, Kentucky USA Home Phone: 859-338-1915 Certification: 11th November 2016

Biographical Info

Greetings from Kentucky!

I currently work with pelvic health patients, both men and women, with medical diagnoses.  I discovered MUTU when I was seeking some structure for home exercise programs.  I understand the lengthy recovery process and the need for appropriate movement to recover pelvic floor and core.

On a personal basis, I have practiced these principles in my own recovery.  Admittedly, I did not begin right after childbirth, so it was very challenging for me.  In fact, I did many workouts that were incorrect.  Medical Therapeutic Yoga provided the boost that I needed to be consistent with workouts, so I believe in using these principles with my clients.

Since receiving MUTU Pro Certification, I have become interested in working one-on-one to help clients with pelvic and core issues, safely reach their fitness goals.  I am convinced that this is the best way to achieve needed lumbopelvic stability for all activities.

Services Offered

Physical therapy: Individual exercise programs regardless of age or medical issues.

Profession: Physical Therapist
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Photo of Casie Leigh Lukes
Casie Leigh Lukes
Personal Trainer
Home Minnealpolis, Minnesota USA Certification: 14th September 2017 Blog: Casie’s Blog

Biographical Info

My name is Casie Lukes and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After becoming a mom to my first child a year ago, I was appalled at the care given to moms in postpartum — and the lack of information on safe exercises. For me, the 6-week visit of “you can resume sex and any physical activity you want” was incredibly unsafe advice — that wasn’t gentle to my body or mind.

As a new mom with a 4-finger separation, a pelvic floor that wasn’t functioning optimally, months of deep depression, and a developed hypothyroid, I began to find trusted people and programs to help me.

A friend told me about MUTU, and thus began my journey towards healing — both physically, but also emotionally. I followed Wendy through the program — and with each module, I became more hopeful for myself — and passionate about helping other women.

I became NASM-CPT certified in August 2017, and then headed to England to become a Certified MUTU Pro. It changed my life — but then again, MUTU changed my life from the first moment I turned it on.

I’m deeply passionate about helping women through their journey of healing.

Services Offered

Postnatal training for small groups
One-on-one postnatal personal training
MUTU Pro and NASM-CPT certified

Profession: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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Photo of Dee Macolly
Dee Macolly
Women’s Care Center Client Services Director Women’s Care Center & Get Fit SeymourSpecializing in Pre/Post Natal Consultations/Classes/Services
Home Seymour, Tennessee USA Home Phone: 8656804171 Certification: 11th November 2016

Biographical Info

Hello Dear.

My Name is Dee, Mom of two, and I delight in working with women in all stages of life. Pre and Post baby.

I used MUTU System® after my first baby  in 2012.  One word: Transformational!  My results made me a firm believer, preacher & teacher of MUTU System.

I applied the core phases of the MUTU Program throughout my second pregnancy… then used the MUTU Program again after my second daughter (2014).  I’m so happy to say I have a restored pelvic floor & completely closed my diastasis gap.  I am stronger & healthier than ever.

I want to share with you the empowerment that I have found in MUTU.

I know what it is like to struggle with weight loss…I struggled with obesity all my childhood, up into my early teens. After having my first child, my health was basically gone. I was told that I could not exercise, because my body could not handle the stress of it, and it would weaken my immune system further.

However…after implementing this progressive exercise program, beginning with very subtle exercises and building up to more intensive, and following the MUTU Food Guidelines.  This was just what I needed to pull me back up out of the place I could have stayed in for who knows how long!  MUTU has changed my life!

Whatever is important to you, whether weight loss, strength & tone or body confidence… I am here to help you see those goals become a reality.  The Moms I work with love it, because it is so mommy doable! I’ve had clients that have lost over 20lbs, have lost the baby belly bulge, and are no longer leaking.

This system works, it becomes a lifestyle, I am in love with it, and you will be too!

Give me a shout and we will find out what program fits you best! Call me at the number above for a free 10 min call to see if we are a good fit.


Services Offered

Group Fitness
MUTU Personal Training
Nutrition, Breathing and Alignment Coaching
Pre/Post Natal
Pelvic Floor Recovery
Childbirth, Breastfeeding and Parenting Classes
Dunstan Baby Language
Baby Massage Class

Profession: Fitness Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Specialist
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Photo of Trisha Margolis
Trisha Margolis
Pilates Fit Mama
Home Upper and Lower Manhattan New York USA Cell Phone: 7025282050 Work Phone: 646-535-1091 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Pilates fit Mama

Biographical Info

I became a MUTU Pro because It has transformed my life! I wish I could shout from the rooftops.. Mamas you can heal and function as you should and desire to! 

The MUTU System helped me to recover and heal. It has dramatically enhanced how I teach, enabling me to be more extensive in my approach with the Moms I work with.  

I am wildly passionate about helping women recognize and reclaim their power by aligning their strength and awareness within their bodies. I love to help women of all ages realize we can do more than we believe possible.  I have been doing this teaching pilates since 2001. 

Now as a mother, my desire to help pre/post natal women step into their power, recover and restore their core, become stronger and confident is what fulfills me! 

I healed myself once from a triathlon injury through Pilates, and became certified to teach and have since been helping hundreds of people heal from chronic pain etc. 

After the birth of my daughter I couldn’t heal my own issues. The list was long. It seemed no one was talking about these issues or how to truly heal them. There were quick fixes or band aids, but nothing to make lasting change.

I was in disbelief, frustration, feeling like I was broken and complete exhaustion from being a new Mom. I needed to be able to have strength to keep up with my growing daughter. 

I began researching how to try to heal my own Diastasis Recti and leakage issues and thankfully found MUTU System. 

 I also discovered how many other women struggled with these and other issues.

Day by day I felt stronger & motivated to keep going.  And when I had a tough day there is an incredibly supportive online community too.

 I found comfort and inspiration in the vulnerability & determination of other women going through similar journeys and sharing them. I learned so much about healing. 

I was amazed at how quickly my strength & function transformed. So when the opportunity arose to become certified, I jumped. I AM SO THRILLED I DID. This is the piece to the puzzle I was missing! I love that the program encourages proper alignment and how it impacts everything we do as Moms. 

I have been incorporating the exercises with the Moms I teach and they too have had incredible results! 

The genius in this program is  you can do a little bit a few times a day or all at once. WHENEVER! 

It targets your core in a systematic way.  I love that is comprehensive and there is a progression to it as your strength improves. 

Regardless of your level of strength you will be challenged. Even the names of exercises are clever! 

Although we all have different birth experiences or challenges, we can relate with one another as Moms. If you just had a baby or it’s been years, it’s never too late to restore your core and function like you deserve to! 

It will  be my privilege and absolute pleasure to help guide you! And we’ll laugh as we go along without peeing our pants! 

Services Offered

Pilates and MUTU System

Profession: Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor
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Photo of Beth McVey
Beth McVey
DC, CACCP Rochester Chiropractic & Wellness
Work Rochester Minnesota USA Work Phone: 1-507-424-0655 Certification: 11th November 2016 Website: Rochester Chiropractic and Wellness

Biographical Info

About a year ago, I started searching around for a program that would help restore my pelvic floor and heal my diastasis recti. I had tried the standard kegel and I knew that it wasn’t going to be enough to help restore the function in my pelvic floor or heal the very wide gap I had in my abdomen.  After searching around and asking some friends, I found MUTU System®.

Reading about MUTU and knowing that other women have had the same struggles as me, I knew I was on the right path and this was the answer I had been looking for.  My life literally changed after I found and started this program.  I feel so much stronger in my core and more confident in what my body is supposed to do, after starting MUTU System®.  I am so excited to help and empower other women in my community to restore pelvic floor function and gain strength and confidence after birth. I am extremely passionate about caring for the postpartum Mom and I am making it my mission to help other Moms who are struggling with the symptoms that a weak pelvic floor brings.  I also offer a lot of other services in my clinic that will compliment the MUTU program®.  I have extra training in prenatal and postnatal chiropractic, acupuncture, as well as nutrition.  I am very much looking forward to bringing MUTU System® to the women in my community and helping them on their journey to better health!

Services Offered

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition.

Profession: Chiropractor, Other
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Photo of Mireille “MiMi” Mears
Mireille “MiMi” Mears
RYT-500, LMT, LCCE Breathe… Yoga and Massage
Home Frisco, Texas 75034 USAHome Dallas, Texas 75248 USA Work Phone: 972-998-9642 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Breathe Yoga

Biographical Info

My passion with working with couples through the childbearing  year and beyond started in 2000 when one of my 2 older sisters had a difficult pregnancy and birth. I had been a yoga teacher since 1996, and a massage therapist for a year. I did not understand why my sister was struggling so much at this amazing time of her life, and I was quite upset that nobody seemed to know how to make things better for her.

I was drawn to getting training in pre and postnatal care, first as a massage therapist, then as a yoga instructor.  Since 2003, I have specialized in a full time pre and postnatal yoga and massage practice. With over 1,000 families served, I am dedicated to enhancing your journey, helping you to cultivate strength, flexibility, courage, confidence, and a deep sense of trust, through breath, movement, massage, and self-reflection.

Services Offered

Prenatal yoga group and private classes
Mommy and me postnatal yoga-with MUTU principles emphasis.
Baby massage instruction in the comfort of your home
MUTU inspired classes-coming soon

Profession: Yoga Teacher
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Photo of Kristin McLain Milonas DC
Kristin McLain Milonas DC
Work St. Louis, Missouri USA Work Phone: 314.324.2507 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Chiropractic and acupuncture wellness center Website: FIT4MOM St. Louis

Biographical Info

Dr. Kristin McLain Milonas is a licensed chiropractic physician, acupuncturist, and nationally certified fitness instructor. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Logan University. She holds a BS in Human Biology as well as a BS in Fitness and Sports Medicine. While attending Logan, Dr. Milonas went above and beyond the basic requirements by attending a number of seminars and post-graduate classes. Her additional studies continue in the areas of functional neurology, natural female hormone balancing, acupuncture, labor and delivery support, pelvic floor and core rehabilitation, fitness, nutrition, soft tissue disorders and techniques, and various adjusting styles and techniques.

Dr. Kris – as she is known to most of her patients and clients – has been a health and wellness advocate for over a decade. She has a passion for teaching and especially enjoys teaching fitness classes of all kinds. This passion lead her to become the owner and lead instructor for the FIT4MOM St. Louis franchise – offering fitness classes and community to support all stages of motherhood. Recently, after discovering a strong need in this particular community, Dr. Kris began researching programs. Her fitness teaching certifications and trainings include: Certified MUTU Pro and certified FIT4MOM Stroller Strides & Spinning instructor .

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, acupuncturist, MUTU Pro and fitness instructor, she strives to educate and empower individuals with the tools they need to make better lifestyle decisions and ultimately lead happier, healthier, longer lives.

At the core of Dr. Kris’s unique approach to client care is a synergistic partnership between practitioner and client, working together as partners in healing.

Services Offered

Chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, fitness classes, individual exercise prescription sessions

Profession: Chiropractor, Fitness Instructor
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Photo of Elizabeth Q. Mount
Elizabeth Q. Mount
Home Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti, Michigan USA Work Phone: (734) 219-3726 Certification: 16th June 2016

Biographical Info

I help people get their bodies moving in new ways.  I love to share moments where I have found a way to enjoy more movement as I live my life.  It can be playing with my kids, adding texture, working on my standing and sitting positions or making time for nature.

I found MUTU when I began studying alignment  movement and pain science.  I have always enjoyed being active.  Creating and caring for my two young boys brought me to the end point.  All my energy had been taken.  All my unknown unhelpful movement patterns had finally caught up with me. I had DR, pelvic pain, a gut system that couldn’t digest and hormone glands that couldn’t keep up.   I started with alignment.  I slowly climbed this mountain of getting better feeling better and becoming stronger.  MUTU has made me much stronger and much more confident.  I look forward to not just keeping up with my active family and friends but leading the pack.

I know we aren’t alone.  In my massage practice I am seeing people younger then we think start having major pain and dysfunction.  This is coming from not one event in particular but living a modern life.  I want to help people before and after they need hands on bodywork. The more massage therapy I do, the more it is completely clear how strength and alignment are vital to health.

I love to inspire, be challenged, and learn.   As always Ask me Anything, especially if I don’t know the answer yet.


Instagram @UniquelyMoved

Services Offered

Group Fitness classes for core muscles, whole body alignment, and strength development
Massage Therapy: MyoFacial, Thai, prenatal/post par-tum Therapeutic custom sessions. Mobile Massage services, home, office, events.
Dynamic workstation education
Alignment and Movement education sessions

Profession: Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist
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Photo of Noelle Moyler
Noelle Moyler
Blueberries and Jellyfish
Home West Sussex United Kingdom Work Phone: 07764 283070 Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Blueberries and Jellyfish

Biographical Info

Hello! I’m Noelle, Mum to two gorgeous girls. In 2009, after having a difficult birth with my eldest, I was shocked to discover I leaked when I sneezed, coughed, and exercised. I tried to find help but there was nothing available, so I carried on and accepted that this was ‘normal’after having a baby. After the birth of my second child in June 2012, I decided enough was enough, and started looking for help. I found Wendy and MUTU System, subscribed to her newsletters and I knew I had found someone who understood how I was feeling and had an approach to start working on restoring my physical body and my self confidence. I signed up to MUTU System in 2013 and it changed my life, literally!

As a result of becoming a MUTU Mama, my interest in post-natal rehabilitation, exercise and nutrition grew. Last May, Wendy announced she was running a MUTU Pro certification in the UK and I just knew I wanted to turn my interest and passion into a career, so over the last 18 months, as well as certifying with MUTU, I have retrained as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, specialising in women’s health and pre- and post-natal exercise. I also took a leap of faith and left my job in technology after 21 years, to set up my business, as I feel so passionately about supporting women. Currently I am undertaking training on the 3rd Age Woman, to continue developing my knowledge to guide women as we move into the perimenopause and menopause phases of our lives.

I look forward to sharing my experiences, my knowledge and support through my one to one, class and workshop offerings.

Services Offered

Personal Training
MUTU coaching :
- One to one sessions
- MUTU Program classes
Fitness, nutrition and wellbeing workshops

Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Award in designing physical activity programmes for Antenatal and Postnatal clients, Level 3 Programming personal training with clients and delivering personal training sessions

Profession: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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Photo of Linnea Emigh Mugford
Linnea Emigh Mugford
CD, CMT, CPMT Bloomington Family Wellness
Work Bloomington, Indiana United States Work Phone: (812)585-3685 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Bloomington Family Wellness

Biographical Info

With years of experience supporting families as a full spectrum doula, massage therapist, and educator, Linnea is thrilled to bring her expertise and passion for thriving families to Bloomington.

A transplant from Seattle, Washington, Linnea earned her BFA in Theatre from Cornish College of the Arts. Soon after, she completed massage training at the Cortiva Institute, specializing in prenatal and postpartum care, and earned certification as a pediatric massage therapist (CPMT) under the mentorship of Tina Allen at the Liddle Kidz Foundation. While working with new and expectant parents as a massage therapist, Linnea was inspired to train as a birth and postpartum doula at the Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University, and as a birth and bereavement doula with Stillbirthday. Additionally, Linnea completed certification as a Lactation Educator through Evergreen Perinatal Education, is a Lamaze-trained Childbirth Educator, and a certified MUTU Pro.

When not working with families at Sweetroot, Linnea loves to spend her time snuggling with her kiddo, listening to Says You! on NPR, rooting for the Seattle Sounders FC, and recording voiceovers.

Services Offered

Massage therapy, birth doula support, postpartum doula support, bereavement doula support, childbirth and parenting education, family wellness education.

Profession: Doula, Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer
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Photo of Hayley Oxley
Hayley Oxley
Pilates instructor Brighton Pilates studio
Home Hove East Sussex United Kingdom Home Phone: 01273 911710 Anniversary: 16th June 2016

Biographical Info

Pilates instructor

Member of the Guild of Pre and post natal exercise instructors

Pelvic floor health

Services Offered

Pilates instructor

Profession: Other, Pilates Instructor
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Photo of Mina Penna
Mina Penna
CHC, CPT 1 Healthy Life
Work Hoboken, New Jersey USA Work Phone: 1-646-872-6196 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: 1 Healthy Life

Biographical Info

At 1 Healthy Life, we help mamas get their Mojo back.  Whether it be physically, nutritionally or emotionally, women come to 1 Healthy Life to be taken care of because we know how much you are taking care of everyone else in your life.


Mina Penna is the founder of 1 Healthy Life.  She is the proud mama of 2 boys that keep her on her toes.  With 20 years experience in the corporate field and now over 7 years in Wellness & Nutrition, she is no stranger to the stresses life brings, losing yourself in it and needing to find your way back to yourself with limited time.  She focuses on customizing programs for each of her clients to help them reach their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.  And, best of all, she does it with absolutely no judgement.


So no matter where you’re starting from, please feel free to reach out and we can get started on getting you back to you.

Services Offered

Post Natal Core Restoration (including diastasis repair and pelvic floor conditioning)
Nutrition Health Coaching
Stress Reduction Coaching

Profession: Nutritional Health Coach, Personal Trainer
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Photo of Agnès Schiltmans
Agnès Schiltmans
Personal trainer Strak Personal Training
Home Bilthoven The Netherlands Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Strak Personal Training

Biographical Info

Hi, I am Agnès

I am a mother of two boys, personal trainer and passionate about helping woman feel confident with and in their bodies.

There is a way and you deserve it! XxX

Online Training Available
Profession: Personal Trainer
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Photo of Melissa Schubert
Melissa Schubert
Orthopedic Physical Therapist specializing in Pelvic Physical Therapy
Work Orlando – Waterford Lakes Area, Florida USA Work Phone: 321.236.0567 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Melissa Schubert PT

Biographical Info

Melissa Schubert has been a Orthopedic Physical Therapist specializing in Pelvic Physical Therapy for over 18 years working in Orlando. She has worked with teens to centennials in various settings. For the past 6 years she has specialized in pelvic physical therapy, working in women’s health ranging from fitness to pregnancy, postpartum to menopause, to living life not an age.

While working with women, she found recovery from injury or illness requires healing of the mind and spirit, not just the body. When these are combined wellbeing can occur.

Services Offered

MUTU Pro One-on-One Assessment
MUTU Pro small group training
Physical Therapy for fitness, pregnancy and optimal postpartum recovery
Pilates One-on-One instruction on Reformer
Osteoporosis Educator for American Bone Health

Profession: Physical Therapist
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Photo of Alisha Sexton
Alisha Sexton
Home Sarasota, Florida USA Cell Phone: 941-504-4423 Certification: 16th June 2016

Biographical Info

Alisha has been a licensed massage therapist since 2010. She specializes in therapeutic massage, using multi-modality techniques which include neuromuscular therapy, hydrotherapy, and stretching, to help aid the body during rehabilitation.

She also holds a certification in prenatal massage and lactation counselling.

Alisha has three children and discovered she had diastasis recti after her last pregnancy. She fell in love with MUTU System and became determined to share her experience and knowledge with others.
Alisha is excited to help mothers learn more about the beauty, functionality and strength of their body, mind, and heart.

She is also passionate about natural health, nutrition, and bodywork.

Services Offered

Massage Therapy

Profession: Other
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Photo of Tracy Sher
Tracy Sher
MPT, CSCS + MUTU System Medical Advisory Sher Pelvic Health and Healing, LLC
Work Maitland, Orlando, Florida United States Work Phone: 407-900-2876 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Sher Pelvic Health and Healing Website Website: Pelvic Guru Website

Biographical Info

Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS is a pelvic health  and manual orthopedic physical therapist, consultant, international speaker and educator, and founder of the social media brand and blog,  Pelvic Guru.  She is the owner and director a boutique private practice in Orlando, Sher Pelvic Health and Healing, LLC.  She treats men and women with pelvic health issues, with a focus on persistent pelvic pain, pregnancy/postpartum conditions, and pelvic-abdominal conditions, orthopedic hip and pelvis pain, and genital cancers using an integrated care model.  She currently teaches courses for health professionals nationally and internationally. She is a certified pelvic physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist and currently completing a sexual counseling certification.

Tracy has a passion for treating complex pelvic pain, sexual pain, and pudendal neuralgia. She is also very committed to improving women’s health care across the lifespan – pregnancy, postpartum,and beyond. The focus for the patient is integrating a whole body approach. She is very thrilled to be a MUTU Pro and Medical Advisory for MUTU System! The opportunities to reach the community on a larger scale and help many women in the area of postnatal wellness are exciting!

Services Offered

Womens Health and Pelvic Physical Therapy,
Exercises for Pregnancy, Postnatal, and Pelvic Pain

Profession: Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist
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Photo of Heather Christine Struwe
Heather Christine Struwe
Physical Therapist, Birth Doula Holistic Continuum
Work Minneapolis Minnesota USA Cell Phone: 612.655.4740 Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Holistic Continuum

Biographical Info

Hello, I’m Heather Christine and I’m thrilled to be a MUTU Pro. I am passionate about women’s health, specifically the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. I strive to bring my over two decades of knowledge and experience in the medical and wellness fields into all that I do by helping others through movement and meditation combining the multiple layers of my education to address the whole person.

I earned my degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1995. Being a physical therapist has allowed me to work in a variety of settings from inpatient pediatrics to aquatic therapy to homecare. As my family expanded, my desire to specifically support women and families became more and more evident. I became a yoga teacher, specializing in prenatal and baby yoga and completed my birth doula training. I am a certified birth doula through DONA and have been supporting women during birth since 2012.

As the mother of three, motherhood continues to be one of my best teachers and I am so very thankful for my family. From one mother to another, we know that it’s not about the gap, but about being strong and healthy for ourself and also to keep up with our kiddos.

Peace and light to you.

Services Offered

Physical Therapist, Birth Doula,

Online Training Available
Profession: Doula, Physical Therapist
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Photo of Julia Trinder
Julia Trinder
Core Benefit
Work Wantage, Oxfordshire Great Britain Work Phone: 07806 270207 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Core Benefit

Biographical Info

My journey to become a MUTU Pro began after my second child was born. I had been badly injured following a c.section and I lost my mobility and health for a very long time. I’ve spent 6 years, and a lot of money, on trying to fix what got broke.

MUTU has given me my happiness and my confidence back. I am a Pilates Teacher, already helping women deal with post natal issues. For me, MUTU has the right lifestyle balance, sensible eating advice, core exercises which can be modified to suit the individual, and fun workouts to get my heart pumping! I especially like that I can easily fit the exercises into my already busy schedule. This program has turned my world around, you also get the support and guidance from others in the group, so you are never far from help or a friendly word of encouragement. I know first hand how it feels when things don’t go well with the birth experience.

I believe there is a huge need for better post natal care and support, so, I look forward to helping more women with this system, because it really does make a difference.

Services Offered

Pilates Matwork, Small Equipment and Apparatus in small classes of 2-5 clients at The Wantage Pilates Studio. Private sessions for 1 to 3 clients.
We also provide Matwork classes, at other venues, for organisations and businesses on request.
Myofascial Release is also offered as part of a session to compliment movement and exercise.
We have longstanding close links with many local Health Professionals and we often refer our Clients to them to ensure a sensible, healthy, holistic approach to their Health and Wellbeing.

Profession: Pilates Instructor
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Photo of Jamie Votta
Jamie Votta
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach REAL Energy Holistic Health
Work Saunderstown, Rhode Island USA Work Phone: 781-264-2860 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: REAL Energy Holistic

Biographical Info

Pregnancy leads to many physical and emotional changes. Since my third c-section, I’ve been on a mission to learn all that I can about diastasis recti, IBS, the role of stress on the body, and the biomechanical forces behind these conditions.

Now I’m on a mission to help you! Work with me to learn how to improve your digestion, strengthen your core muscles and pelvic floor, and be present in the here and now to lead a more fulfilling life. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a MUTU Pro™, and I’m currently enrolled in Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement™ Certification Program.

Services Offered

Nutrition and lifestyle support
Exercise, alignment, and meditation lessons
Reiki services

Profession: Nutritional Health Coach, Yoga Teacher
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Photo of Sheila Stadiem Watkins
Sheila Stadiem Watkins
Healthy Moms® Fitness
Home Shreveport Louisiana USA Cell Phone: 478.508.1490 Home Phone: 318.670.3760 Certification: 11th November 2016 Website: Healthy Moms® Fitness

Biographical Info

Hello!  I have been a group fitness instructor since 1976! Armed with a degree in exercise physiology as well as my deep passion to serve women, I created Healthy Moms® Fitness Programs in 1987 to provide safe, functional and fun group exercise classes and personal training for new and expectant moms.  In 1991, I added education and training in the field of perinatal fitness and wellness for fitness professionals, childbirth educators and other health professionals who take care of women during this special time in their lives.

My biggest accomplishments in life are my two children, born when I was 40 and 43!  Let ‘s hear it for us “older moms.”   After the birth of my first child, I developed an uncomfortable prolapse and urinary incontinence.  My OB pretty much blew me off and told me he would “surgically fix me after I was done having babies.”  Instead,  I sought out the services of a women’s health physical therapist who helped me heal without surgery.  I vowed that the women that I taught would never “settle” for the fact that these things were normal.  Over 3,000 moms later, I am still empowering women, one pelvic floor and core at a time.  I absolutely love my job.


Services Offered

Personal Training, Group Fitness for New and Expecting Moms, Yoga and Prenatal Yoga; Core Restore classes

Profession: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher
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Photo of Robyn Wilhelm
Robyn Wilhelm
PT, DPT Robyn Wilhelm Physical Therapy
Work Mesa, Arizona United States Work Phone: 602-316-0571 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Robyn Wilhelm Physical Therapy

Biographical Info

Hello!  I am so glad you found me, and I am excited about the opportunity to help you reshape, redefine and realign!  I am a Physical Therapist, specializing in women’s health & pelvic physical therapy.  I am passionate about whole-body health and one-on-one patient/client care. As a woman and mama, I hold an understanding of the physical & emotional stress that often accompanies a body that is functioning and looking less optimal than we desire.  As a Physical Therapist and  MUTU Pro™, I know how to help.  Join me for a supportive, empowering community of women (Core Ethos) that offers one-on-one consultations and training, as well as small group classes.  I look forward to meeting you!

Services Offered

Women's Health and Pelvic Physical Therapist

Exercise and Wellness for pregnancy, postpartum and core weakness (one-on-one training and small group classes).

Profession: Physical Therapist
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Photo of Rebecca Wright
Rebecca Wright
Rebalancing Woman
Work Durham United Kingdom Cell Phone: 07805 725414 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Rebalancing Woman

Biographical Info

Mama to four, doula and healer, I help women to feel better in their bodies again – physically and emotionally. I’ve been working with women, babies and families since 2005.

Group and private sessions available, in Durham and Washington, Tyne and Wear UK. Postnatal specialist.

Services Offered

Mizan Therapy (massage)
Energy Rebalancing
Breastfeeding Support
Birth Story Healing

Profession: Doula
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