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A MuTu Pro is certified to teach MuTu System within their classes or one-to-one sessions. Personally trained by Wendy, our MuTu Pros are an incredible resource of specialist professionals – certified Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Doulas and Physiotherapists – who will guide you through the MuTu exercises so vital for re-building your core.

They’ll ensure you’re truly benefitting from your workouts and modify your exercises based on your individual needs, keep you motivated, and most importantly, help you get the very most out of your online program.

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Nika Johnson

Doula Stillbirthday
Home Rosendale, Wisconsin United States Website: Birdsong Birth and Wellness, LLC Website: Birdsong Birth and Wellness, LLC on Facebook
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Hi, I’m Nika!

I am a birth and bereavement doula and childbirth educator serving the Fox Valley area in Wisconsin. I am also a seasoned MuTu user, and I am so excited to bring this experience and knowledge to the Fox Valley area.

My personal journey with MuTu has been life changing. While I was pregnant with my last child (now 2), I was diagnosed with a pelvic organ prolapse. During physical therapy for the prolapse, it was discovered that I also had some separation in my abdominals. On top of that, I was still having pain from my tailbone being broken in a previous pregnancy. And I’m a Navy veteran with limiting service-related injuries. I was weak. I needed help with even basic tasks. I felt broken and useless. When I reached a point that I could successfully do some of the physical therapy exercises without struggle, my PT suggested a gentle at home exercise program to help me continue building my core. A fellow childbirth educator recommended MuTu. I absolutely loved it. It was easy to do at home, even with toddlers. I was able to start slow and set a pace that worked for me, as well as make adjustments for my injuries and limitations. It was easy to track my progress and keep myself accountable. And it worked! When I started, I couldn’t step over a baby gate without help or carry my own groceries without pain. I can now lift my children without pain, mow the lawn with correct alignment with ease, and my injuries are much less limiting. My core is stronger than it has been in years. I feel strong and capable, and my children see me as strong and capable.

In addition to being a doula, I am also a full-time college student. This is my final year, and things are busy busy busy. I keep my work schedule rather slow right now, but as the upcoming fall semester progresses, I look forward to adding MuTu into the mix. I will start with offering one-on-one instruction/coaching, with a possibility for small group classes in the future.

To discuss what I can do for you, or for my availability, please email [email protected].

Profession in: Doula
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