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A MuTu Pro is certified to teach MuTu System within their classes or one-to-one sessions. Personally trained by Wendy, our MuTu Pros are an incredible resource of specialist professionals – certified Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Doulas and Physiotherapists – who will guide you through the MuTu exercises so vital for re-building your core.

They’ll ensure you’re truly benefitting from your workouts and modify your exercises based on your individual needs, keep you motivated, and most importantly, help you get the very most out of your online program.

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Noelani Jean Hipolito Perry

Therapeutically-Oriented Yoga and iRest®Teacher (Yoga Wellness)
Home Copperas Cove, Texas USA Cell Phone: 6266644797 Website: Just Breathe: Yoga with Noelani
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Being a  MuTu Pro enhances my primary goal of making yoga-based practices accessible to men and women who come to Yoga seeking better health and overall well-being. I have suffered from postpartum incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction myself and know how frustrating it is to try to get back into shape after having had a baby. I currently suffer from sacroiliac instability and sciatica as related to my lumbar scoliosis and have found that select exercises from the MuTu Focus and Intensive programs have supplemented the recommendations from my own physical and yoga therapists, and have helped me in my own on-going recovery.  Following the guidelines of the MuTu program (improving core stability and posture by avoiding heels, going barefoot, doing best to eat clean, mindful movement and managing stress) blends seamlessly with principles I adhere to from my own yoga training and practice.

I work primarily as a private yoga wellness and iRest® Teacher who helps  men and women with unique health situations or conditions (including but not limited to back pain, anxiety, expectant mothers and moms who want to get back in shape after having a baby) and have been advised to try Yoga. I also help people who have tried public group yoga classes and either feel lost or intimidated and prefer focused attention, as well as people who want a deeper understanding of yoga-based practices. As a former Obstetrician-Gynecologist who has left the clinical profession, it is my goal to help people manage their “dis-ease” from the bio-psycho-social perspective of Yoga while maintaining a strong foothold in the Western understanding of how the body and mind function.

Prior to becoming a MuTu Pro I have completed advanced training in Hatha Yoga Therapy, Integrative Restoration and will soon be furthering my studies with Pelvic Floor Specialist and Yoga Educator, Leslie Howard. I am also hoping to further my studies in therapeutically-oriented Yoga. As a Therapeutically-Oriented Yoga Teacher and MuTu Pro™ I will work with you privately to ensure that you can have a yoga-based and/or MuTu® influenced personal program of care. I am also currently expanding my public group offerings which will include classes that have a blend of Yoga practices and MuTu influenced exercises.

MuTu System™ is truly a holistic program that addresses exercise needs, dietary and lifestyle concerns  that apply not just to the postpartum woman but for anyone who may need help with weight loss, improving core stability, pelvic floor dysfunction. I look forward to working with you and being your partner and advocate in Wellness!!

Profession in: Yoga Teacher
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