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A MuTu Pro is certified to teach MuTu System within their classes or one-to-one sessions. Personally trained by Wendy, our MuTu Pros are an incredible resource of specialist professionals – certified Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Doulas and Physiotherapists – who will guide you through the MuTu exercises so vital for re-building your core.

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Stasia Humphreys

Alignment Specialist Certified by Egoscue University, Certified Foundation Training Instructor Pain Free Clinic of Denver
Home Centennial, Colorado USA Home Phone: 303-905-1832 Certification: 16th June 2016 Website: Pain Free Clinic of Denver
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Stasia Humphreys is the owner of the Pain Free Clinic of Denver and an alignment and functional movement specialist with three certifications: The Egoscue University, Foundation Training and mostly recently a certified MuTu Pro™! All three of these programs are very complementary and will greatly benefit postpartum women and just about anybody in pain. Here’s Stasia’s story…

Up until 3 years ago I was a businesswoman who enjoyed the business world and loved the outdoors and exercise in general. I had no idea what alignment and functional movement even were…and my posture was terrible! Who knew that my misaligned body would take such a beating in a skiing accident, followed by knee surgery and a “random” stretch which was the straw that broke the camels back causing a great deal of pain in my neck, shoulders and back. After two years of unsuccessfully trying to alleviate my pain multiple modalities, muscle relaxers, NSAIDS and more I found The Egoscue Method through a friend.

Through the Egoscue Method I learned the root of my pain was compensation and dysfunction throughout the body! The solution was simple and easy; I needed to retrain my muscles to perform the functions they were designed to perform. I never thought doing such simple exercises for a short period each day could have such an incredible impact on reducing and then eliminating the chronic pain I’d endured for years.

More recently I’ve worked to become certified in Foundation Training. What an amazing program! Foundation Training has helped me and countless others not only improve alignment but also strengthen the body in all the right places to sustain proper alignment. My back and body in general haven’t felt this strong in a long time and I can confidently say all of my life activity from breathing (yes breathing!) to running, lifting things, bending, gardening and more have vastly improved.

Most recently my good friend Suzie, owner of Alpha Mama’s, introduced me to MuTu Systems™ and I see the great need for women of all ages to have good information and healing answers for pelvic floor troubles, Diastasis Recti and misalignment in general.

I am passionate about helping people get out of pain an improve alignment and agility in the sports and activities they love through corrective exercise and functional movement! Come visit me at the Pain Free Clinic of Denver and try out the some of classes I teach at the Goodson and Lone Tree Recreational Centers.

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