“Thank you Wendy Powell for your awesome 12wks program! I have eaten well ( changed my diet and my family benefits too), exercised even more regularly (some hot days walking with cranky kids sometimes LOL), gained more confidence (fit my old clothes and spend $$ for the new ones btw ;)), better skin appearance… not sure what else that I’ve not mentioned. Diastasis Recti is 1

[finger width] and I definitely will keep on doing what I’ve been doing. I truly have been blessed through this journey.

One thing that I find it very challenging is NOT how I start, BUT to finish it. I envisioned and forced myself many times to get there.
Thank you again Wendy Powell. Love youuuu. Huggsss”

Anastasia Before and After | MUTU System

Enjoy control and confidence in how your body looks, works, and feels. No more embarrassing leaks or discomfort. You deserve better and you can have it with MUTU System - the medically endorsed 12 week online recovery program for mothers.