For many years I have been working with postnatal women and mums on core strength and pelvic floor restoration, nutrition, exercise habits and lifestyle to help them to lose their mummy tummy… with great results.

Lose Baby Weight with the MUTU SystemI have developed my unique and totally comprehensive programme – The MUTU System – which WILL make your mummy tummy flatter if you follow it. Simple as that.

I get comments and emails and enquiries from not just outside London but literally from all over the world. So I have now trademarked my methods into a comprehensive 12 week coaching programme and video series, which can be bought and downloaded from anywhere!

You can read all about the MUTU Sytem here + you can read about and purchase the download here.

To celebrate the launch, I am looking for some mums (and moms!) to review the System for me… does YOUR tummy need some help? If so, you could be one of the five reviewers I’m looking for to receive a completely FREE  programme and sign-up to the video coaching programme!

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me why you want it!

So What Do You Get?

You get the full 49 page exclusive programme, as an immediate PDF download, that details the 5 Elements of this unique System. You need all five, otherwise you’re going to be missing something vital, and more importantly, you won’t get a flat tummy. You’ll watch 2 videos straight away, with 11 more to come.

The programme document gives you:

  • Explanations of the need-to-know muscles, hormones and physiology responsible for your post-baby mummy tummy, following a natural, assisted or caesarean delivery, and regardless of how long ago you had your babies
  • Straight answers and facts to dispel common misconceptions and myths surrounding postnatal exercise and limitations
  • How to test, diagnose and understand the extent of your own mummy tummy, with clear and detailed instruction and demonstration
  • Very specific yoga breathing and postures that directly affect how you feel, how you cope, how your tummy looks and the state of your pelvic floor (including techniques from a pregnancy/postnatal yoga guru who has allowed me to incorporate her unique teaching into the MUTU System)
  • Posture analysis, explanation of how this affects your tummy, and how to correct it
  • Expert demonstration, practice and guidance to identify and correctly engage the precise muscles needed to restore and build your flat post-baby tummy
  • The exercises you must know, and how to do them correctly and effectively
  • The exercises you must avoid, which will actually make your tummy look worse
  • How to use these muscles effectively in your everyday movements and activities in a way which will repair, not worsen, your mummy tummy
  • Specific strategies and programmes for effective exercise for busy mums, plus 3 complete workout videos + instruction
  • Nutritional guidance focussing on eating to minimise weight gain, bloating and excess abdominal fat storage
  • Clarification on every food issue that’s ever confused you: sugar, food labels, carbs, organic, wheat and dairy, fats and oils… There’s meal plans and even a shopping list

But that’s just what’s in the document.

You will also receive over the course of the programme 13 video links, where I will personally guide, focus and encourage you, as well as demonstrate everything you need to know. I’ll SHOW you how to do the exercises right, how to test for diastasis recti, how to multi-task your workouts so that you get ten times the results. I’ll TALK you through and DEMONSTRATE the yoga postures, the breathing and the subtle but vital adjustments that will turn an exercise that just goes through the motions, into something that really works.

The MUTU System really does give you everything you need. Please go ahead and purchase your copy if you’d like to just get on with it! Or, if you’d like to review the System on your blog or website, then please leave a comment below and tell me why! I will be sending the 5 free copies out on Friday 15th October.

*Update 15th October midday GMT: sorry the 5 reviewers have been picked now – no more entries please*

Enjoy control and confidence in how your body looks, works, and feels. No more embarrassing leaks or discomfort. You deserve better and you can have it with MUTU System - the medically endorsed 12 week online recovery program for mothers.