Healing a diastasis. Heel Slide: one  of the core restoration exercises from MUTU Core Phase 1

Correct TVA and pelvic floor engagement during exercise is essential to diastasis repair

How does MUTU System Work and Can It Fix a Diastasis?

There are 4 Phases of exercise and alignment techniques in MUTU® System, depending on your current diastasis gap, abdominal tone and strength. The very first week’s video shows you how to assess this for yourself, and the program covers the diagnosis, explanation and realistic expectations for healing a diastasis, in detail.

You progress through these stages at your own pace, and every 2 weeks you are prompted and guided as you re-assess your core strength and tone, to determine which level of daily core exercises you should continue on.

Whilst a diastasis will affect core strength, back comfort and postural aesthetics, the actual repair of a diastasis is just one part of MUTU Core. 10 years of putting mums’ tummies back together (including my own!) has taught me that wearing a splint and closing up an abdominal gap is just one part of a much bigger picture. And to give women the impression that simply closing that gap will give them the flat abs they seek is doing them a disservice… MUTU® Breathe incorporates very specific restorative yoga techniques which will literally resettle your organs within your pelvis whilst strengthening and toning your pelvic floor and narrowing the diastasis (all these muscles are connected – I don’t tackle them individually, but rather as a system).

Do I guarantee that any size gap will be ‘closed’?  No, no exercise regime can guarantee that, and a Diastasis Recti is not always going to come back together completely. The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t always need to. The muscle is naturally made up of 2 parts – they don’t ‘fuse’ back together, but the gap can absolutely be narrowed and core strength improved.

Pelvic stability, strength and correct alignment (as well, of course as fat loss so you can see it!) are what will give you a flatter, stronger stomach, and this is perfectly possible after having babies… even with a small gap remaining between the muscles. A strong mid-line (the connective tissue that stretches between the 2 section of muscle) should be the focus, rather than obsessing over completely closing the gap.

MUTU System has been developed to give you ALL the strategies you need to not only repair the muscles compromised by pregnancy and childbirth, but to repair them in the context of the rest of your body, plus to exercise very efficiently and effectively in a way which will ensure that you can actually SEE the result of your well honed abdominal work!

 If this sounds like what you’re looking for,