Doing loads of exercise will not make you slim. Or rather, not if that’s ALL you do.

Do you ever say, ‘Well I went for a run today, so I can have this pizza’ ? Or ‘I’ve been to the gym, so I deserve a latte on the way home’? Most of us have at some time justified a *treat*, by believing all that extra exercise somehow cancelled it out.

But then you didn’t lose any fat. DESPITE doing all that exercise. SO unfair! 🙁 Because that’s exactly what you did. Cancelled it out.

There are 2 lessons here:

The first is that losing body fat is in on one level a very simple equation. In order to lose fat, we need to use more calories for energy (through exercise, or by eating less) than we consume. We need to tip the balance into negative, so that we actually lose weight. If we simply ‘make up’ the calories exercised away by eating more calories, the result will plainly be that weight stays exactly where it is.

No, all calories are not created equal. And yes, it does make a difference what you eat, rather than just how much. But if you want to be smaller, you have to move more AND eat less.

The second revelation is a psychological one. Doing 20-30 minutes of intensive interval training (see here for a video!) is hard work. It will make you sweat, and if you did it well, you may even ache a little the next day. But your reward if you keep doing it consistently, will be a leaner, stronger and more toned body.

Unless of course, you follow it with a calorie-laden ‘treat’. In which case, you will still be stronger and fitter as a result of your workout…. But you won’t LOOK any different, because you just piled on more fat to cover up all that hard work.

There is no bigger de-motivator than *Zero Results*. So don’t un-do everything you just did! Give yourself the reward of  actually SEEING  the results of your hard work and give the latte a miss!

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