If you’re a mom, the idea of making time for fitness and health can feel virtually impossible at times. From prepping pack lunches to battling bath and bedtime and generally running things like a badass, it’s no wonder you feel like you’re all outta time when it comes to your own health and wellbeing.

That’s why we made the MUTU System 12 Week Program so family friendly. It’s designed by a busy mom, for you, the busy mom. It’s baby-proof, toddler-proof, kid-proof, teen-proof and whole lotta family-proof!

Here’s our top pointers to making your fitness regime as family friendly as possible.


Family Fitness Tip #1 

Make family walks a daily activity and part of your everyday routine. Fresh air is so good for the whole family, you can get the kids moving and burning energy whilst you fit in some time to work on you. Walking is a vital part of the MUTU System program and it really is key to your recovery.

Family Fitness Tip #2

See your kids as workout buddies rather than little people that stop you from working out. Involve everyone, roll out your mat and do your workout with the kids. Let them crawl, jump and play around you, knowing you’re being a kickass role model. You won’t find cuter workout partners anywhere!

Family Fitness Tip #3 

If you have a small baby, incorporate some ‘tummy time’ into MUTU time!

Family Fitness Tip #4

The MUTU Food element of the program is designed to be easy, quick and family friendly. Don’t cook one meal for the kids and another meal for mom. Cook the same meal for everyone and make sure it’s healthy and nutritious. Get your kids involved in preparing the food and teach them all about healthy nutritious ingredients from a young age.  

Looking for MUTU Food inspiration that’s approved by kids? Check out this!

Learn more about our family friendly 12 Week Program. We’ve helped over 30,000 moms worldwide to prioritise their health and wellbeing and fit fitness in around family life. Get your mojo back with MUTU System. Learn more here.

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