MUTU just got personal

Introducing the BRAND NEW in-program upgrade from the MUTU System.

MUTU Life is the ultimate personalized postpartum recovery and body confidence lifestyle package, that helps you to achieve your post-baby health and fitness goals once and for all.

With the full VIP touch and a level up from MUTU System, MUTU Life keeps you motivated, holds you accountable and offers unwavering support during the ups and downs of your MUTU journey.

Getting a body that works, feels good, doesn’t leak, looks and feels the way you want it to, that takes time, motivation and it also takes SUPPORT.

That place you want to get to so badly is within reach. It seems like a mountain to climb right now but you CAN and WILL reach the top, you just need a little extra guidance.

We asked our 40,000 MUTU moms and found the top reasons that postpartum women are not reaching their goals…

  • You find it difficult to stay on track, especially when you fall off the waggon, it’s hard to get back on!
  • You don’t have the right support around you.
  • You have zero accountability.
  • You struggle with food choices.
  • You just need reassurance that you’re doing okay and doing it right.
  • You need additional expertise and guidance in order to keep on going.

These challenges present themselves to all of us, and sometimes you have the ability to navigate around them independently. But in a lot of cases, these challenges will hinder your journey to the point where you just wanna give up altogether, which is why sometimes you need a different game plan.

Tap into the extra resources available to you, and it’s these resources that are going to be game changers in your postpartum journey.  

The solution is MUTU Life.

MUTU Life can help you to:

  • Stay firmly on track to break through your post-baby health and fitness goals.
  • Be held accountable when you skip workouts.
  • Stay motivated to keep on going even when you feel like you can’t.
  • Eat better with zero hassle and 100% nutritional inspiration.
  • Access the expertise of the creator and founder of  MUTU, Wendy Powell.
  • Get inspired to finally get to where you want to be after giving birth
  • Keep focused to get more out of your workouts and get the results you want.
  • Take the next step forward after MUTU System and create sustainable habits for life.

You can do all of this while building a lifestyle that only ever promotes full body confidence, health and happiness, to ensure you are your best self, to leave you to focus on getting the stuff done that you need to, and on being the awesome mom you want to be.

Without the right accountability or guidance, this process can become hugely overwhelming, which is why so many moms quit or give up. Because they already have loads going on and this stuff just falls to the bottom of the pile. MUTU Life can be your road map to a healthier, happier and more connected lifestyle after having babies and beyond.

Happy + Healthy Mom = Happy + Healthy Family

Is MUTU Life for you?

If you’re enrolled on the MUTU System program but are finding it difficult to stay on track, or if you’re yet to even get started, maybe you need some more accountability and support? If you’re lacking the body confidence you deserve and the sparkle you lost after having babies, MUTU Life is the next step to achieving your goals.

You can do all of this while building a lifestyle that only promotes full body confidence, health and happiness, to ensure you are your best self, to leave you to focus on getting stuff done and being the awesome mom you need to be.

What do MUTU Lifers get?

The MUTU ‘Million Workouts’ App. More advanced workouts for when you’re ready for something ‘next level’. There’s an endless variety of workouts, on demand and on your mobile phone via our exclusive access app.

MUTU Food Recipes and Meal Plans. Stuck for inspiration and struggling to clean up your diet? We’ve got it covered with the MUTU Food weekly plans including super simple recipes for the whole family. Unlock healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas.

Personalized text and email accountability alerts and motivation. We’ll track exactly where you’re at during your MUTU journey – we’ll guide you, fist pump when you’re winning and will encourage you and pick you up if you fall.  Haven’t MUTU-ed for a while? We’ll be the kick up the butt you need to get going again.

Monthly Video Calls with Wendy. You have exclusive monthly access to me, live via video call. Want personal inspiration from the Founder of MUTU? Plus the opportunity to get your questions answered live? Then MUTU Life is the membership option for you.

You won’t see a sales page to enroll in MUTU Life here on This is an in program upsell available to those already enrolled in MUTU System. To find out more head to and log in or enroll in MUTU System today.