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See sometimes, the first thing in your inbox in the morning can  really bring a smile to your face… this is what I received this morning from MUTU Mama Hannah who has recently completed the MUTU System 12 week online training programme.

“Hi Wendy! My tummy, legs, arms, butt – look better than they did pre baby number 2! Finding MUTU System has literally stopped months of worrying – how will I Tone up? Will I ever lose weight but now I feel confident that  this is the only way to do it! Since week nine I’ve had some motivational issues – I’m struggling with PND plus going back to work – so sometimes four days a week is all I manage but I’ve lost 25 pounds and feel so much better, that I know I will come back to MUTU once my routine has settled down! ( I have a 4 year old and an 8 m th old plus part time work and studying for degree!)

Thank You so much though for creating a programme that is geared towards mums! I know from working in the customer service industry that people don’t say thank you enough – but. Am working to become a counsellor purely because of the lack of support that I feel mums have in all areas of their lives and what you do I cannot recommended enough to my friends and fellow mums! Keep up the good work!”
Here’s a few of the other emails we received last week:
From Emma:
“… More than anything your programme has given me back a piece of me. That time I spend working out is my time, and boy do us mums need it! It’s easy to lose ones identity as a new mum, its all nipples, nappies and lack of sleep! So thank you! Right on cue Oliver, who is sat on my lap, has thrown up so with a soggy arm and baby I’ll sign off. Back soon… Emma x”
From Tina:
“I thought your program was fantastic.  I loved how your  program seemed like you were talking directly to me.  I loved how the workouts were simple and easy to understand.  I loved how you told me to start eating healthy and how it made sense to me.  I loved how I could memorize the workouts and do them anywhere….such as outside or in the basement or even beside the bathtub while my kids were bathing:-)  I have told all of my friends about your program.  In the first few weeks I did notice a change in my diastasis.  It went from a 2.5 fingers to a 2… I did try the Tupler Technique before I purchased your program and I have to say this program is 100% better than the other program. “
“Dear Wendy, I just wanted to thank you for changing my life, and for giving me back the faith. 

I had been very depressed, very upset before I found your system online. When I first read the first few MUTU pages, your message, I was sobbing. I was reading about my hidden feelings, hidden fears, etc. Reading those pages started to give back the faith, that it is possible to change. 

I loved everything in MUTU. I got back my previous shape, previous weight , my confidence, my closet with my clothes. I still have a tiny belly that I would like to flatten more, but otherwise I am back to normal, my pants became even too big on me.

Thank you for being with me during these weeks! Love, Kata P.S.: I apologize because of my bad English”

(Darling when you talk to me like that, you can say it anyway you like… )

They’re losing mummy tummies and gaining Mojos’ in their droves here my Lovelies… do join us 😉

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