And today… I shall mostly… be blowing my own trumpet 😉

Lots of people are asking about the MUTU System Program

And today one mom who bought the programme 6 weeks ago, emailed me to tell me how she was getting on…

“I would just like to commend you because I have watched a few other videos on Diastasis Recti and while they are  informative they are not very fun and are kind of boring. But I love the way you put your videos together with great music, and make it fun. You write and talk like you are talking to your best girlfriend and encouraging and motivating her. So thanks again so much for what you do for women. I went through having two babies and no one in the medical community ever mentioned or ever talked about Diastasis Recti with me. I pretty much realized something was wrong and diagnosed myself and then had to dig to figure out what to do about it. All the doctors keep telling me is that the only way you can fix Diastasis Recti is with a tummy tuck.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for women out there like you that are talking about it and are showing us ways to fix it without major surgery. It has given me hope that someday my stomach might at least resemble something of it’s former self before having kids. 🙂 And I have noticed a difference. My pants are much looser! Keep up your amazing work!!!!”

So there’s me feeling all chuffed and warm and fuzzy inside that a lovely lady many, many miles from me is using my methods and getting slimmer.



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