I’ve been checking out other mums’ self portraits on Tara’s Sticky Fingers Gallery…  Many have referred to having different feelings about their photographed-selves since having children, with some gorgeously un-selfconscious mummy moments!

I often feel as defined by my passion/job, as I am by being a mum. Both are literally the air I breathe and both make me very happy. But while the fitness still happens, it’s definitely taken a little less seriously these days!

So here’s me post-run pre-kids….

abdominal exercises on the ball

I think I+#39;ve actually got make-up on

abdominal exercises on the ball 2

Amazing what you can do with one of those balls...

post run... post natal

Run, run... and collapse in a heap

…And since. Where the run still happens, but with a few less acrobatics and a lot less personal grooming! 😉

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